Quest 3 Will Get Inside-Out Upper Body Tracking & AI Legs
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Quest 3 to Feature Inside-Out Upper Body Tracking and AI Legs

Quest 3 Update to Introduce Revolutionary Upper Body Tracking and AI Estimated Legs

Virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the next leap in immersive experiences, and Meta (formerly known as Facebook Reality Labs) is set to deliver with its upcoming software update for the Quest 3 headset. In December, Quest 3 users can expect to enjoy upper body tracking and AI estimated legs, features that have never been seen before in any other VR system on the market.

What Sets Quest 3 Apart

While most major VR systems solely track the user’s head and hands, and some even track eye movement and facial expressions, Quest 3 takes it a step further by introducing a unique tracking feature. Although it lacks eye and face tracking capabilities, the Quest 3 utilizes its side cameras, which face downwards, to leverage advanced computer vision algorithms for Inside-Out Body Tracking (IOBT). This innovative technology allows users to track the movement of their wrists, elbows, shoulders, and torso, resulting in a more immersive and realistic experience.

The introduction of upper body tracking addresses the limitations of inverse kinematics (IK) estimated arms found in other VR systems. These estimates often lead to incorrect representations and uncomfortable gameplay due to the system having to make guesses solely based on the tracking of the head and hands. With the Quest 3 update, users can expect their arms and torso to be accurately reflected in VR applications, eliminating the need for estimations.

Furthermore, the implementation of upper body tracking opens up new possibilities for developers. They can now anchor thumbstick locomotion to the user’s body direction, allowing for realistic movements such as leaning over a ledge to be accurately translated into their avatars.

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Generative Legs: A Step Towards Realism

In addition to upper body tracking, Meta also plans to launch Generative Legs in December. This groundbreaking feature utilizes cutting-edge AI models to estimate the positions of the user’s legs. While the Quest 3’s upper body tracking enhances the realism of Generative Legs, this feature is also compatible with Quest Pro and Quest 2, utilizing only head and hand tracking.

It’s important to note that the Generative Legs system is considered an estimator rather than a full tracking solution. While it can detect movements such as jumping and crouching, it may not accurately pick up more nuanced leg movements like raising your knees. Nonetheless, the combination of inside-out upper body tracking and Generative Legs paves the way for plausible full body experiences in VR, known as Full Body Synthesis.

Expanded Experiences and Developer Opportunities

Meta has already announced that Full Body Synthesis will be available in popular VR titles such as Supernatural, Swordsman VR, and Drunken Bar Fight. Additionally, the company plans to release an updated software development kit (SDK) in December, enabling other developers to incorporate Full Body Synthesis into their VR applications.

The introduction of upper body tracking and AI estimated legs marks a significant leap forward in the VR industry. With Meta’s continued dedication to pushing boundaries and enhancing the immersive experience, users can look forward to an increasingly realistic and engaging virtual reality landscape.

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