The Foglands launches October 31 on PS VR2 and PS5
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: The Foglands to be released on October 31 for PS VR2 and PS5

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Jump into the Foglands: New PS VR2 Game Releases Alongside PS5 on October 31

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Welcome to the Foglands

The Foglands, an upcoming anti-Western atmospheric roguelite, is set to release with an FPS-mode on PS5 alongside the highly anticipated PS VR2 at launch on October 31. Whether you prefer gaming with a virtual reality headset or a traditional controller, the fate of the Hold is in your hands.

In this captivating game, players take on the role of Jim, a brand new Runner in the mysterious world of the Foglands. As a Runner, the survival of the Hold depends on your ability to bring back scavenged goods and fend off the twisted creatures of the Fog. When a colossal behemoth threatens the Hold’s existence, it’s up to you to put a stop to it, even if it means facing death itself.

The Stranger and His Eldritch Deck

Luckily, a charismatic figure known as The Stranger is willing to help. Armed with a deck of eldritch cards, The Stranger can grant you supernatural abilities to enhance your running prowess. But be cautious, supernatural aid comes at a cost. The Stranger has more than a few tricks up his sleeve to ensure that Jim doesn’t meet his untimely demise. Explore, fight, loot, and repeat the cycle, experiencing the mysterious and otherworldly adventures in the Foglands.

Explore the Ever-Shifting World

In the Foglands, you will navigate a constantly changing world of fog and explore diverse biomes. With each run, floors and rooms shift their contents, revealing hidden secrets. As you delve deeper into the mystery, you may even find lost keys that belonged to Runners of old, providing insight into their secrets. There are tales of lost Runners themselves, waiting to be discovered in this ethereal landscape.

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Fight Like a True Runner

The Foglands offers a thrilling combination of barfight melee and shoot-em-up gunplay. Thanks to the PS VR2 eye tracking and precision latency, you can enjoy a mix of fist-fighting, gunslinging, and aim-assisted throwing. The use of intention targeting and eye tracking allows any grabbable object to become a weapon, emphasizing the value of adaptability and swift thinking. The more you develop your personal playstyle and land combos, the more the time-slow effect will aid you in fending off the denizens of the Foglands.

Collect Riches and Abilities

Although the Foglands may seem desolate, it holds hidden riches for those who know where to look. Collect Scrap and Fog Oil to unlock gear upgrades, new items, and explore new areas. But be warned, death means losing the items you’ve gathered, so make good use of the Loot Chutes to send your belongings back to safety. As you progress, The Stranger’s Cards will grant you powerful Abilities that enhance your capabilities. Choose from three distinct suits—Fists (melee), Guns (ranged combat), and Keys (exploration)—to tailor your playstyle and become an unstoppable force in the Foglands.

Pre-Order and Get Ready to Enter the Foglands

Now that you’re familiar with what it takes to be a Runner and the stakes involved, you can prepare for your first day in the Foglands by pre-ordering the game on the PlayStation Store. Don’t miss the chance to dive into this captivating and immersive world. See you out in the Foglands, partner!

**VR Day: All Announcements**

– VR Day marks an exciting time for PlayStation gamers, with a range of new game announcements and updates. Stay tuned for more information and keep track of all the exciting releases coming to the world of virtual reality gaming.

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