Meta Quest 3 Storage: Is 128GB Enough?
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Is 128GB Enough for Meta Quest 3 Storage?

Is 128GB Storage Enough for the New Meta Quest 3 VR Headset?

The highly anticipated Meta Quest 3 is now shipping, but one of the first considerations for early adopters is the storage capacity of the new VR headset. With two options available at launch – a 128GB base model priced at $500 and a higher storage 512GB model priced at $650 – users must decide which option suits their needs best. In this article, we will examine the storage requirements for Quest 3 and discuss whether 128GB is sufficient for most users.

The Usable Storage Breakdown

While the advertised storage capacities for Quest 3 are 128GB and 512GB, it’s important to note that the actual usable storage is different. The Quest 3 system software alone takes up 26GB on both the higher-end and lower-end versions of the headset. This leaves users with approximately 486GB on the 512GB model and just 102GB on the 128GB model.

Game Storage Requirements

The amount of storage space needed depends on the games that users intend to play. Many popular games on Quest 2, such as Among Us VR (746MB), Beat Saber (1.45GB), Blade and Sorcery: Nomad (2.35GB), and Rez Infinite (682MB), require only 2-3GB of space. However, there are several games that consume considerably more storage.

For example, when Quest 2 launched, it offered a 64GB model with only 52.7GB of usable storage. This meant that users had to uninstall most other games to accommodate the 43GB install size of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond or the 31GB size of GRID Legends. Taking into account other games like Iron Man VR (9.7GB), Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 1 (6.8GB), and Chapter 2 (12.61GB), it’s clear that the storage requirements can quickly add up.

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Furthermore, Meta is promising a 60-hour campaign for Asgard’s Wrath 2, which will be available for free to early Quest 3 adopters who purchase the headset before January 27, 2024. Considering that the original version of the game on PC VR was 121GB, it can be anticipated that the download size for the Quest 3 version will be substantial.

Potential Storage Increases

As game developers continue to improve and optimize their titles for Quest 3, it’s possible that the file sizes of certain games will increase. Over 50 titles are receiving Quest 3 upgrades, such as Red Matter 2, Saints and Sinners, and Guardians Frontline. While some updates may result in minimal increases in file size (e.g. Windlands 2 with a 0.76MB increase), others, like Red Matter 2, may experience more significant jumps in size (from 5.6GB to 9.1GB).

It’s worth noting that these potential storage increases also have implications for Quest 2 users, which are covered in a separate article.

Considering Your Usage

Ultimately, the question of whether 128GB is sufficient storage for the Meta Quest 3 depends on how users plan to use the headset. While all Quest 2 games are playable through backwards compatibility, not all titles will receive Quest 3 upgrades, meaning that many of the smaller file sizes will remain unchanged. However, for those seeking the most expansive, high-end experiences that Meta’s headset has to offer, 102GB of usable storage may not be enough.

Deleting and reinstalling games is always an option, but it may not be convenient for users with slower internet connections. It’s important for users to consider their storage needs and whether they are willing to manage available space by frequently uninstalling and reinstalling games.

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Ultimately, the decision of whether to opt for the 128GB or 512GB model depends on individual budget constraints and user preferences. While the 128GB version may be more affordable, those who anticipate needing additional space for larger games and future upgrades may find the 512GB model to be a better investment.

To learn more about the specifications of the Meta Quest 3 and how it compares to other VR headsets, you can check out our full specs comparison article.

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