Clockpunk Arena Shooter Wisdom Watcher Gets PC VR Demo
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PC VR Demo Released for Clockpunk Arena Shooter Wisdom Watcher

Wisdom Watcher: A Clockpunk Twist on VR Arena Shooters

Italian studio Space Whale has unveiled their latest VR arena shooter, Wisdom Watcher, which promises to deliver intense combat in a clockpunk-inspired world. With a demo now available on PC VR, players can get a taste of the game’s thrilling action and unique setting.

Wisdom Watcher Trailer
Wisdom Watcher Trailer

In Wisdom Watcher, players assume the role of a young pilgrim of the Wisdom Watchers. Their mission is to destroy the terrifying inhabitants of the astral dimension, which draws inspiration from folklore, and extract their lifeblood. The game features arenas that are inspired by evocative European locations, infused with a touch of dark fantasy.

The developers have described the combat in Wisdom Watcher as intense, with a multitude of different weapons at players’ disposal. Ranging from firearms to melee weapons, these tools of destruction allow players to unleash their power on the game’s enemies. But combat isn’t the only focus of the game.

Wisdom Watcher also includes destructible environments and a collectible item system, adding depth and complexity to the gameplay experience. The game’s regularly updated challenges and leaderboards provide ample opportunities for competitive players to test their skills and strive for the top spot.

“Conquer your fears, annihilate astral entities, collect their Cards and extract their lifeblood with special moves: you will need it to recharge your magical weapons,” states the official Steam description. The game encourages players to learn from each combat encounter and use strategy to locate hidden weapons in the arenas.

Project Manager Marius Chiriac, the creative force behind Wisdom Watcher, cites Doom (2016) and Robo Recall as major gameplay inspirations. However, the game also draws heavily from the rich repertoire of Italian and European folklore, which is visible in the enemy designs and overall art style.

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The Wisdom Watcher demo is now available on PC VR platforms, including Steam and the Meta Quest platform via App Lab. Players can get a firsthand experience of the clockpunk-inspired world and its exhilarating combat mechanics. The full release of Wisdom Watcher is scheduled for 2023, promising even more thrilling adventures.


Wisdom Watcher offers a refreshing twist on the VR arena shooter genre with its clockpunk-inspired setting and intense combat mechanics. With its combination of European folklore, dark fantasy, and competitive gameplay, the game is poised to captivate VR gaming enthusiasts. The demo’s availability on PC VR platforms allows players to dive into the game’s world and get a taste of what’s to come. Keep an eye out for the full release of Wisdom Watcher in 2023 and prepare for an immersive and thrilling VR experience like no other.

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