Trombone Champ update out now (version 1.22A), patch notes
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New Update (Version 1.22A) for Trombone Champ: Patch Notes Released

Trombone Champ Update 1.22A Introduces New Tracks and Improvements

Trombone Champ update 1.22A

Another update has been released for Trombone Champ, and players can now access version 1.22A. This update brings exciting new additions and improvements to the popular music game.

Expanding the Musical Experience

The highlight of this update is the addition of two new tracks: “House of the Rising Sun” and “Hino Nacional Brasiliero!” These new songs offer players fresh challenges and expand the diverse repertoire of Trombone Champ.

Furthermore, the update introduces support for Brazilian Portuguese. Players who manually selected a language in the settings menu will need to switch to Portuguese manually. However, if your Nintendo Switch is already set to Brazilian Portuguese, the game will automatically open in that language.

Customize Your Trombone

Once players have beaten the game, they will now have access to the Trombone Workshop. This new feature allows players to customize their trombone, adding a personal touch to their playing experience. The Trombone Workshop can be accessed from the character select screen, providing players with more options for self-expression.

Trombone Champ Update Version 1.22A Patch Notes

  • Added two new tracks: “House of the Rising Sun” and “Hino Nacional Brasiliero!”
  • Added support for Brazilian Portuguese! If you’ve manually selected a language in the settings menu, you’ll need to change to Portuguese manually. Otherwise, the game should automatically open in Brazilian Portuguese if that’s what your Nintendo Switch is using.
  • If you’ve beaten the game, you should now see the Trombone Workshop, which lets you customize your trombone, in the character select screen.


  • Added the ability to adjust smoothing for every control type. You may find the experience a bit smoother with some smoothing! We’re planning to add even more control options and improvements in future updates.


  • Cards should now display with the correct holographic border.
  • Characters should now appear in Free Improvisation mode.
  • The transition from the closing credits to the homescreen should display as intended.
  • Other very minor tweaks and bugfixes, mostly aimed at preventing janky animations if users mash buttons as quickly as possible.

With this update, players can now enjoy a smoother gameplay experience by adjusting the smoothing settings for each control type. This addition allows players to fine-tune their gameplay style and find the perfect balance of control and responsiveness.

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Enhanced Visuals and Stability

The update also addresses several bugs and visual glitches. Cards now display with the correct holographic border, ensuring a more immersive visual experience. Additionally, characters will now appear in Free Improvisation mode as intended. The transition from the closing credits to the homescreen has also been fixed, providing a seamless transition between gameplay and menus. Various minor tweaks and bugfixes have been implemented to prevent janky animations when players rapidly press buttons.

Looking ahead, the developers have confirmed that another update is already in the works. This upcoming update is expected to include more unspecified content, additional control settings, the ability to “engoldenate” cards, further improvements, and bug fixes. Players can look forward to an even more refined and enjoyable Trombone Champ experience in the near future.

For more information and to stay updated on Trombone Champ, visit the official Holy Wow Studios blog.

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