Cassette Beasts update out now (version 1.5), patch notes
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Patch Notes for Cassette Beasts Update (Version 1.5) Now Available

Cassette Beasts Update 1.5: Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

Cassette Beasts Update 1.5: Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Cassette Beasts update 1.5

Cassette Beasts, the popular indie game, has just received its latest update, version 1.5. This update brings a range of quality of life improvements and bug fixes to enhance the gaming experience for players. The full patch notes are now available, detailing all the changes and additions.

Quality of Life Improvements

The update introduces several additions that focus on improving the overall quality of life for players. These include:

  • Color-blind accessibility option: Players now have the ability to change health bars from green/red to blue/orange, making it easier for color-blind individuals to differentiate between health levels.
  • Mute transformation sound effects: An audio setting has been added to allow players to mute transformation sound effects, providing a more customizable audio experience.
  • Improved sticker inventory navigation: If a player has more than 200 items in a single tab in the inventory, the tab will now be automatically split into pages of 50 items each. This change aids in navigating large numbers of stickers, making it more convenient for players to find and manage their inventory.
  • Enhanced filtering options: Several filtering options have been added to the sticker inventory, including Name, Rarity, Category, and Elemental Type. These additional filters allow players to quickly find specific stickers and organize their inventory more efficiently.
  • Bulk Recycle button: A Bulk Recycle button has been introduced to the sticker inventory. This feature can be used when a filter is set and recycles every sticker that matches the current filters, streamlining the recycling process for players.
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Bug Fixes

The update also addresses various bug fixes to improve the overall gameplay experience. Some of the fixed issues include:

  • Intercept not affecting team-target attacks affected by Unitarget.
  • Status effects ticking down twice on the round that you fuse.
  • An NPC in Harbourtown occasionally spawning underground.
  • Kayleigh’s name not being displayed when she talks for Barkley in post-boss cutscenes set in the cafe.
  • Inconsistent music near the Cherry Meadow cave.
  • Monsters with Vampire healing from 0 HP when they should be defeated.
  • Ghostly and Gambit killing player characters if they record a monster while the status has 1 turn left.
  • Resonance not overloading if you use Dog Years to double it.
  • Geometry that could temporarily trap a player under a walkway in the Abandoned Mine in the marsh.
  • Viola’s quest not becoming complete if you defeated the story’s final boss before finishing it.
  • Player characters’ sleeves periodically resetting to long sleeves regardless of selected top.

Other Changes

In addition to the quality of life improvements and bug fixes, the update brings about several other changes to enhance the gameplay experience. These include:

  • Improved inventory controls: Controls in the inventory have been changed to LB/PgUp and RB/PgDn to switch tabs, making them consistent with other tabbed user interfaces. Left/Right can now be used to jump up and down the list.
  • Enhanced controller select screen: Some text has been added to the controller select screen to help new players figure out how to enable and start local co-op, improving the accessibility of this feature.
  • Confirmation dialog for fleeing: A dialog has been added to confirm the player’s decision to flee before actually attempting to flee, preventing accidental actions.
  • Inventory stack limit: A hard limit of 2500 has been set for the number of stacks of stickers players can keep in their inventory. This limit helps prevent memory issues and ensures smooth saving. Any stickers picked up beyond this limit, which do not stack with existing stickers, will be dropped until the player is back under the limit.
  • Improved save file management: The game now keeps 2 previous versions of each save file in addition to the current file itself. If the most recent version is corrupt, the game will automatically attempt to load one of the backups instead, minimizing the risk of losing progress.
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The Cassette Beasts version 1.5 update is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Players can download the update and enjoy these new features and improvements to enhance their gaming experience.

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