Dying Light 2 Update Adds Payday Crossover, New Microtransaction Currency
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New Dying Light 2 Update Introduces Payday Crossover and Fresh In-Game Currency for Microtransactions

Techland Adds Payday 2 Gear in the New Dying Light 2 Update

Techland continues its Summer of Horrors event with the latest update for Dying Light 2, which introduces a Payday 2-themed event and a new microtransaction system called DL Points. Fans can expect exciting new content and customization options in this ongoing season of the zombie-focused game.

The Payday 2 Event

The highlight of the new Dying Light 2 update is the Payday 2 event. Surprisingly, the event revolves around Payday 2 instead of the highly anticipated Payday 3, which is only two weeks away from its release. In this event, players must take down infected robbers and chase infected bolters, both adorned with Dallas’ iconic clown mask with the American flag. The objective is to steal red diamonds from these infected beings to achieve success.

Participating in the event and acquiring one red diamond unlocks special UV lights. Collecting 40 red diamonds allows players to wear Dallas’ mask as a wearable item. Snatching 150 red diamonds unlocks a weapon blueprint resembling a bundle of money. Additionally, if the player community collectively grabs 11 million red diamonds, each player will receive 25 Pilgrim Tokens, which can be used to purchase equipment. The Payday 2 event will run until 7 a.m. PT on September 21.

Introducing DL Points

The new Dying Light 2 update also introduces DL Points, a new microtransaction system that allows players to purchase skin bundles within the game. Previously, Dying Light 2 offered cosmetic bundles, but players had to leave the game to buy them. With DL Points, players can now buy these packs without interrupting their gameplay experience. There are currently five skin bundles available, ranging in price from $4.99 to $49.99.

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By logging in before October 7, players will receive 500 DL Points for free. However, the new Payday bundle, which includes a Payday gang outfit, a legendary hammer resembling a stack of money, an artifact blueprint resembling a stack of cash, a paraglider with Dallas’ mask on it, and a bundle of money that can be used as a blunt weapon, costs 550 DL Points.

Techland addressed concerns about the introduction of microtransactions and explained that DL Points have numerous benefits. In addition to allowing players to purchase skin bundles without leaving the game, DL Points offer bonus points with certain bundles, resulting in discounts that save players money in the long run. Techland also emphasized that its recent partnership with Tencent had no influence on the introduction of DL Points.

Other Exciting Updates

The new Dying Light 2 update brings several other exciting features and improvements to the game. These include:

  • New knife animations
  • A gore toggle that allows players to adjust the level of bloodiness in the game
  • The ability to skip the prologue
  • Community-made maps for console players
  • A new modifier called Alterations, which adds short-time activities for players to enjoy

Players can enable or disable the Alterations feature according to their preference.

Exciting Additions for Dying Light 2 in the Summer of Horrors Event

The Summer of Horrors event continues to captivate players of Dying Light 2 with its latest update. The Payday 2 event and the introduction of DL Points offer new challenges, customization options, and conveniences within the game. Techland’s commitment to enhancing the game and seeking player feedback ensures an engaging experience for fans of the zombie genre. Stay tuned for further updates and enjoy the thrilling world of Dying Light 2.

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