Deep Rock Galactic spin-off gets free demo on Steam, available now
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Free demo of Deep Rock Galactic spin-off released on Steam

Deep Rock Galactic Spin-off “Survivor” Releases Free Demo on Steam

Funday Games and Ghost Ship Publishing have joined forces to bring gamers a thrilling new spin-off of the popular co-op game, Deep Rock Galactic. Titled “Survivor,” this highly anticipated game features fast-paced bullet hell action and unique level design inspired by Vampire Survivors. Excitingly, the free demo of Survivor is now available to play on Steam, giving players a taste of what’s to come.

Exploring the Hazardous Biome as the Scout Dwarf

The Survivor demo allows players to take on the role of the Scout dwarf and navigate through a biome described as “full of rocks” and “also stones.” This hazardous environment is infested with bugs, specifically the eight-legged kind, not the coding kind. To survive, players must arm themselves with an array of weapons and overclocks, which enhance their firepower.

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Download the Demo and Join the Excitement

To experience the Survivor demo firsthand, interested gamers can find the developer’s full message and download the demo directly on Steam. The demo will be available for a limited time, with a confirmed duration until the 16th of October. However, Funday Games has not specified an exact end date, stating that they will take it down “probably when we feel like it.”

A Glimpse into the Future of Survivor

The free demo is just the beginning for Survivor. The full game will feature multiple playable characters, a wide range of enemies to battle, a vast selection of weapons, and numerous biomes to explore. Additionally, players can expect challenging boss fights and a deep progression system that includes perks, artifacts, and upgrades. While Deep Rock Galactic currently lacks female characters, fans hope to see their inclusion in the Survivor spin-off.

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