Starfield Has Easter Egg Referencing One of The Office's Best Cold Opens

Starfield Features Easter Egg Paying Tribute to Iconic Cold Open from The Office

Starfield Incorporates Pop Culture References, Including a Nod to The Office

In Bethesda’s highly anticipated game, Starfield, players can expect to find various pop culture references scattered throughout the immersive sci-fi experience. One notable reference includes a nod to The Office’s famous cold open, showcasing Bethesda’s penchant for incorporating Easter eggs into their games.

Homage to Kevin’s Chili

One of the standout references in Starfield is a homage to one of The Office’s most humorous scenes: Kevin’s Famous Chili. A player named Surpluhss discovered this reference in a New Atlantis building and shared their find on the game’s official subreddit. The spilled chili, the blue oven mitts, and the metal bucket all come together to make the reference from a possible one into an obvious one. It seems that some Bethesda developers are huge fans of The Office.

While Starfield primarily focuses on the sci-fi genre and offers players a customized experience, modders may add even more pop culture references to the game once official mod support is available in early 2024. This opens up the possibility of seeing characters like Dwight Schrute or Kevin Malone from The Office as companions in the game.

A Wide Net on the Sci-Fi Genre

Starfield aims to cast a wide net on the sci-fi genre, offering players a tailor-fit experience based on the locations and factions they choose to engage with. The game features different settings that scratch various sci-fi itches, such as Akila City and the Freestar Collective, which evoke the spirit of Firefly, or the United Colonies and New Atlantis, reminiscent of Star Trek. Fans of Blade Runner would also feel right at home in Neon and its Ryujin Industries.

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The Potential of Modders

Modders have played a significant role in enhancing Bethesda games in the past, and Starfield is expected to be no different. With official mod support coming in 2024, modders will have the freedom to add their own pop culture references and create unique experiences within the game. From turning dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine in Skyrim to potentially introducing characters from The Office into Starfield, the possibilities are endless.

Starfield is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S, providing players with a vast and immersive sci-fi adventure filled with pop culture references and the potential for even more through modding.

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