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Sky Children of the Light Makes its Way to PC with a Free Demo

Sky Children of the Light is finally making its highly anticipated debut on PC storefronts. Developed by Thatgamecompany, the studio known for creating exploration-focused gems like Journey, this visually stunning game offers a unique and cozy gameplay experience that sets it apart from the combat-focused online games dominating the market. To give players a taste of its magic, Thatgamecompany is offering a free demo of Sky Children of the Light during the Steam Next Fest.

A Long-Awaited Arrival

After its initial release on mobile platforms in 2019, Sky Children of the Light garnered a dedicated fan base that eagerly awaited its arrival on PC. Following a successful console release, Thatgamecompany finally announced that the game would be available on Steam. Now, with the Steam Next Fest in full swing, players can dive into the aesthetically pleasing world of Sky Children of the Light through its new demo.

Experience the Magic

The free demo of Sky Children of the Light is available to play until Monday, October 16. According to the developer, the demo offers a fleshed-out experience that closely resembles the full version of the game. The only difference is that in-game purchases won’t be available during the demo. However, players will still be able to enjoy all the features and crossplay functionality that mobile players have access to in the full release.

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Furthermore, any progress made during the demo period will carry over to the full game upon its launch. Players who already have a Sky account on console or mobile can link it to their Steam account and continue their journey seamlessly. The developer has made cross-progression a priority, ensuring that players can easily transition between platforms.

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What’s Next?

While Thatgamecompany has not yet announced the official release date for Sky Children of the Light on PC, the demo serves as a preview of the full game and an opportunity for players to provide feedback. The studio has hinted at “big plans” for the game in the following year, suggesting that there may be exciting updates and expansions on the horizon.

For more information on how to download the demo and stay updated on the game’s progress, visit the official Sky Children of the Light page on Steam. As a fan of Thatgamecompany’s previous titles, such as Journey and Flower, I am eagerly anticipating the chance to explore the beautiful world of Sky Children of the Light with friends.

Keep the Chill Vibes Flowing

While waiting for the demo to finish downloading, players can explore other relaxing games to keep the chill vibes flowing. Additionally, supporting smaller indie developers by checking out their brilliant games is always a great way to discover hidden gems in the gaming world.

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