VR MMO Ilysia Targets Early Access Soon On Quest & Steam
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Ilysia, a Virtual Reality MMO, Aims to Launch Soon on Quest & Steam Early Access

Ilysia, the Upcoming VR MMORPG, Set to Launch in Early Access This Month

Ilysia, the highly anticipated virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VR MMORPG), is gearing up for an early access launch later this month. Developed by Team 21, Ilysia first caught the attention of gamers three years ago with a successful Kickstarter campaign that promised a vast open world filled with exploration and adventure.

After conducting recent beta tests, Ilysia is now preparing for its early access release with several exciting updates. According to Team 21’s devblog, players can expect new zones, races, tutorials, and brand new starting areas. Additionally, the developers have worked diligently to address various bugs and implement numerous bug fixes.

Excitement surrounding Ilysia’s imminent release has been further amplified by a recent announcement on the game’s official Twitter account. The developers shared their October plans, hinting at the forthcoming launch of the early access version. Fans can anticipate an array of updates including bug fixes, new zones, races, starting areas, and tutorials.

Ilysia proudly claims to be “the first true MMORPG built for VR” on its Steam page. However, it’s worth noting that Ilysia is not the only MMO in the VR space. Games like OrbusVR: Reborn and Zenith: The Last City have already established their presence in the VR MMORPG genre.

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During an interview last year, Team 21 addressed the Zenith comparisons, likening it to Final Fantasy 14 in relation to their game, Ilysia, being World of Warcraft. This acknowledgment of other VR MMORPGs demonstrates the developer’s commitment to carving out a unique space for their game in the virtual reality gaming landscape.

Ilysia plans to launch in early access this month on the popular Meta Quest platform and SteamVR. The developers have not yet announced any plans for additional platforms, but UploadVR has reached out to Team 21 for confirmation and will update readers as more information becomes available.

VR enthusiasts and MMORPG fans alike eagerly await the release of Ilysia, which aims to provide an immersive virtual reality gaming experience like no other. As we inch closer to the game’s early access launch, players worldwide are excited to embark on a thrilling journey through the magical world of Ilysia.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ilysia and prepare to dive into a vibrant VR MMORPG unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

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