Forgive Me Father Is A Lovecraftian FPS With Comic Book Visuals Coming To Switch Next Week
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Lovecraftian FPS “Forgive Me Father” with Comic Book Visuals Arriving on Switch Next Week

Retro-Inspired FPS “Forgive Me Father” Coming to Nintendo Switch

Fulqrum Publishing has announced that the highly acclaimed retro-inspired first-person shooter, Forgive Me Father, will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on September 28th. Originally released on Steam last year, the game has garnered a strong following and positive reviews, and now console players will have the opportunity to experience its unique blend of old-school FPS gameplay and Lovecraftian horror.

A Comic Book World Filled with Lovecraftian Horrors

Developed by Byte Barrel, Forgive Me Father takes players on a journey through a comic book-inspired world, teeming with grotesque Lovecraftian creatures. As the player, you’ll have to manage your “Madness Level” to gain various perks and unleash gruesome kills on the creepy enemies that stand in your way.

While the level of gore may not be for everyone, the game’s comic book-inspired visuals add a touch of cartoony character to the increasingly grotesque monsters, creating a unique and visually captivating experience.

Key Features of Forgive Me Father

Here are some of the notable features that players can expect from Forgive Me Father:

  • Feeling of a classic FPS from the 90s: Timelapse animations, opponents, and elements of 2D in a 3D environment; first aid kits and life points, non-reloading weapons, powerups during dynamic combat with numerous opponents.
  • Custom combat experience: Players will face the challenge of maintaining their humanity while wielding weapons powered by an unknown substance. The player’s equipment evolves based on their choices, and they must find ways to defeat hordes of unpredictable opponents.
  • Dynamic level of madness: The player’s current level of madness directly influences the audio-visual experience and gameplay itself.
  • The gameplay is presented in a comic book style: Hand-drawn graphics maintain a distinctive comic book look, where any screenshot from the game could be a part of a new comic book.
  • Mood straight from Lovecraft’s dark novels: Experience the atmosphere of dread and horror that H.P. Lovecraft’s works are renowned for, surrounded by the occult and forces of eternal evil.
  • Many climatic levels and varied bestiary: Explore a diverse world entirely made by hand, filled with interesting enemies ranging from possessed inhabitants to monsters straight out of your worst nightmares.
  • Two heroes to choose from: Play through the story from the perspective of either a priest or a journalist, each with their own unique development tree.
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Pre-Order and Physical Copy Availability

Forgive Me Father will be available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop starting next week. For those who prefer physical copies, a pre-order option is now available for £19.99 on the website.

Share Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts on Forgive Me Father? Are you excited to dive into this retro-inspired FPS with Lovecraftian elements? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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