What Are Your Thoughts On 'Lies Of P' So Far?
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What do you think about ‘Lies Of P’ thus far?

Lies of P: A Promising Addition to Xbox Game Pass

Lies of P, a new game available on Xbox Game Pass, is generating a lot of buzz among gamers and critics alike. Drawing inspiration from the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, this soulslike adventure offers a unique and thrilling experience.

A Soulslike Adventure for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass users are in for a treat with the addition of Lies of P to their subscription. Microsoft’s commitment to bringing exciting titles to the service continues, and Lies of P is a standout choice for day one availability.

Combining elements from various genres, including the unmistakable influence of Bloodborne, Lies of P is a game that offers a challenging yet rewarding experience. Fans of the soulslike genre will find themselves right at home with its atmospheric setting, intense combat, and intriguing lore.

Competition from Other Game Pass Releases

September is a competitive month for Xbox Game Pass, with several notable releases vying for players’ attention. Alongside Lies of P, gamers can look forward to titles like Starfield, Party Animals, and Payday 3. However, Lies of P stands out as a must-play game for those who can spare the time.

While Starfield may be the heavyweight in terms of anticipation, Lies of P brings a fresh take on the soulslike genre that shouldn’t be overlooked. It offers a unique blend of challenging gameplay, immersive world-building, and an intriguing narrative that will keep players hooked from start to finish.

Early Impressions and Community Feedback

As Lies of P makes its debut on Xbox Game Pass, players are eager to share their thoughts and impressions. The game has sparked a flurry of discussions among the gaming community, and early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

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If you’ve had the chance to dive into Lies of P, we’d love to hear your opinion. How does it compare to other soulslike games? Does it live up to the hype? Head over to the comments section and let us know.

Current Community Poll: What Score Would You Give Lies Of P So Far?

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  • 5/10 (Average): 0%
  • 4/10 (Poor): 0%
  • 3/10 (Bad): 0%
  • 2/10 (Terrible): 0%
  • 1/10 (Abysmal): 0%

As the community shares their scores and opinions, it’s clear that Lies of P is resonating positively with players. The outstanding feedback speaks volumes about the game’s quality and its ability to captivate gamers.

Final Thoughts

Lies of P is a standout addition to Xbox Game Pass, offering an impressive soulslike experience. With its influences from Bloodborne and its unique take on the genre, this game is a must-play for fans seeking a challenging and captivating adventure.

Have you played Lies of P yet? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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