How Lords of the Fallen harnesses immersive PS5 features, out Oct 13
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reveals the immersive PS5 features employed by Lords of the Fallen, available on Oct 13

Gaming News: Lords of the Fallen Launches with Immersive DualSense Features on PlayStation 5

Lords of the Fallen Launches with Immersive DualSense Features on PlayStation 5

Greetings Lampbearer. Next Friday, October 13, sees the launch of our debut game here at Hexworks, Lords of the Fallen. We have spent the last three years crafting an epic and terrifying world, and we hope you have a fantastic time exploring it. Lords of the Fallen is an action-RPG developed using Unreal Engine 5, and with the power of PlayStation 5 and the unique features of the DualSense controller, it delivers an immersive experience like no other.

Dark Fantasy and Supernatural Lamp

Lords of the Fallen is a tantalizing dark fantasy game set in the devastated land of Mournstead, taking place a millennium after the demon god Adyr was exorcised from the world. However, evil can never truly die, and a spreading corruption heralds Adyr’s horrific return. Players take on the mantle of the Dark Crusader, and their mission is to overcome Adyr’s minions and banish him once more. To aid them in this task, players will harness the power of a supernatural lamp, allowing them to seamlessly transition between two realms – Axion, the brutal realm of the living, and Umbral, the nightmarish realm of the dead – in real time.

Immersive DualSense Features

On PlayStation 5, Lords of the Fallen takes full advantage of the DualSense wireless controller’s unique features to enhance the gameplay experience. The adaptive triggers provide a tactile feel to every group of weapons. Depending on the type of weapon, players will experience different levels of resistance in the trigger pull, simulating the weight and impact of each weapon. For example, light weapons and crossbows have lower resistance, while medium and heavy weapons feel increasingly more substantial. Bows have even higher resistance on the trigger, replicating the tension of drawing back the string before firing an arrow.

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Heavy, charged attacks are also enhanced with immersion in mind. Players will feel the charge at their fingertips, with the trigger stopping until the attack is fully unleashed. It creates a sense of anticipation and unleashes devastating power once the attack is executed.

Haptic feedback adds another layer of immersion, allowing players to feel every light and heavy attack. Whether it’s enemies’ strikes or the impact of fall damage, players will experience the physicality of combat. Furthermore, haptic feedback is used to convey the transition from Axiom to Umbral when players are killed, and to emphasize the roars of the imposing bosses. The DualSense’s rumble feature also simulates the proximity of hotspots across Mournstead when players are near them, enhancing the palpable atmosphere of the game.

Enhanced Sound Design

The DualSense wireless controller doesn’t only enhance the feel of Lords of the Fallen, but the sound as well. Players will experience the perilous journey through the game not only with the full 3D sound capabilities of the PS5 but also through the controller’s speaker. Every footstep taken by the Dark Crusader is audibly felt, immersing players in the world. Furthermore, the controller’s speaker emits unique sounds when players wield various weapons, including melee, ranged weapons, and magic spells, enriching the audio experience during combat.

The speaker of the DualSense wireless controller also plays a crucial role in conveying the sounds of the Umbral lamp. This supernatural relic, collected by the Dark Crusader at the start of the game, whispers to players during different events throughout the game. From approaching Umbral points of interest to using the lamp’s Soul Flay mechanic, the controller’s speaker immerses players in the eerie ambiance of Lords of the Fallen.

Pre-order and Availability

Lords of the Fallen is now available for pre-order and will be released on October 13 exclusively on PlayStation 5. Experience the immersive world of Mournstead, harness the power of the supernatural lamp, and take on the role of the Dark Crusader. Remember, evil never truly dies, and it is up to you to banish Adyr once more.

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