'Hidden Gems: Volume One' Brings Four Classic Commodore 64 Games To Switch Tomorrow
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Tomorrow, ‘Hidden Gems: Volume One’ Introduces Four Timeless Commodore 64 Games to the Switch

Publisher Pixel Games Announces Hidden Gems: Volume One for Nintendo Switch

Publisher Pixel Games has recently revealed that four classic Commodore 64 games will be making their way to the Nintendo Switch. Hidden Gems: Volume One, developed by Imagine Software Ltd, will be available for download on the Switch eShop starting tomorrow, September 28th.

Rediscover Retro Classics

Hidden Gems: Volume One brings back some beloved titles from the Commodore 64 era. Players can look forward to experiencing the following games:

  • Horace Goes Skiing (1982) – Join Horace, the unofficial mascot of the ZX Spectrum, as he hits the slopes on his skis. This game is known for its simplicity, arcade-action gameplay, and unique graphical style that still captivates retro gaming enthusiasts today.
  • Gilligan’s Gold (1984) – Navigate a treacherous mine filled with bandits while collecting bags of precious gold. Climb ladders, ride minecarts, and use your pickaxe to uncover secret caches of gold.
  • Mutant Monty (1984) – Take on the role of Monty, a character who dreams of wealth and recognition. Traverse through 40 different levels, including bizarre environments such as the Pit of Eternal Slime and the inside of a neutron accelerator. Dodge enemies and collect piles of gold to unlock the exit to the next level.
  • N.O.M.A.D. (1985) – Control the “Nemesis Organisation Mobile Attack Droid” (N.O.M.A.D.) 471 and stop the evil Cyrus T. Gross. Pilot the N.O.M.A.D. through TALOS, Gross’s heavily armored homeworld, solving puzzles, dodging hazards, and shooting enemies.

These classic games have been enhanced with modern features, including display filter options for those who miss the nostalgic CRT vibes, additional suspend points, and the ability to rewind live gameplay.

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Exciting Features Await

Hidden Gems: Volume One offers a variety of features that enhance the gameplay experience:

  • Display filter options to recreate the nostalgic CRT look and feel.
  • Additional suspend points for convenient saving and loading.
  • The ability to rewind live gameplay, allowing players to correct mistakes or try different strategies.

Get Ready for Commodore 64 Nostalgia

Hidden Gems: Volume One will be available for download on the Nintendo Switch eShop starting tomorrow. Whether you’re a fan of downhill skiing, treasure hunting in dangerous mines, surreal adventures, or top-down shooters, this collection of Commodore 64 classics is sure to satisfy your nostalgic cravings.

Will you be diving into the world of Commodore 64 nostalgia? Let us know in the comments!

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