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From Indie Hardship to Beauty: The Inspiring Journey

Team Ugly: The Indie Game Studio That Never Gave Up

Team Ugly, a passionate group of four entrepreneurs and developers, is making waves in the indie game world with their upcoming release, Ugly. This captivating puzzle platformer combines innovative mechanics, stunning visuals, and a captivating storyline to create a truly unique gaming experience.

The Birth of Team Ugly

Over five years ago, Gerard Singuerlin, the visionary behind Ugly, embarked on a journey to transform his napkin drawings into a video game. However, his initial attempt to bring his ideas to life fell flat. Despite the setback, Gerard’s dream never wavered.

One fateful day, Gerard met David, a talented programmer who shared his passion for indie games. Together, they started developing the first prototype of Ugly, centered around a mirror mechanic and starring a prince as ugly as a potato. This mechanic allowed players to create a mirror image of the prince, opening up a world of possibilities for creative puzzle-solving.

A Team United

As development progressed, Team Ugly grew stronger and more diverse. They brought on board talented artists, composers, and an audio team to breathe life into their captivating world. However, the journey was far from smooth sailing.

With limited funds and several setbacks, including team members leaving the project, the team faced immense challenges. But they persevered, winning indie contests to raise funds and ultimately securing a publishing deal with Graffiti Games. The support from Graffiti Games provided the much-needed resources to bring Ugly to fruition.

A Passionate Pursuit

Throughout the development process, Team Ugly’s dedication and passion shone through. They poured their hearts and souls into every aspect of the game, from meticulously designing puzzle rooms to crafting an enthralling narrative.

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As the release date draws near, the team looks back on the trials and triumphs they experienced along the way. They are eager for gamers to experience the fruits of their labor and uncover the dark and twisted fairytale that lies within Ugly.

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Experience Ugly for Yourself

Ugly will be available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on September 14. Immerse yourself in a world where nothing is as it seems, and uncover the truth hidden within the distorted mind of a tormented nobleman.

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Written by Brandy McPherson

Brandy, known in the gaming community as "PixelProwess", has been a prominent voice in the eSports scene. Author of "Beyond the Joystick", he delves into the psychology of competitive gaming.

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