Hands On: WarioWare Move It! Takes Us Right Back To A Wii Classic
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Getting Hands-On with WarioWare Move It!: A Nostalgic Journey to the Wii Classic

WarioWare Move It! Brings Back the Manic Fun of Wario’s Classic Wii Series

It’s time to dust off your Joy-Con and get ready for some outrageous microgame madness, as WarioWare Move It! is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on November 3rd. Developed by Intelligent Systems, this sequel to the beloved Wii game WarioWare Smooth Moves aims to capture the same level of hilarity and absurdity that made its predecessor a hit.

Returning to the Roots

For fans of the series, WarioWare Move It! is a welcome return to the classic formula that made Wario’s manic microgames so much fun. The game revolves around holding one or more Joy-Con controllers and performing a variety of ludicrous actions with reasonable accuracy in microgames that last just a few seconds. If you’ve ever played Smooth Moves on the Wii, you’ll feel right at home with this direct sequel.

WarioWare Move It! features various modes that offer a range of gameplay experiences. Story Mode allows you to take on different microgame playlists for one or two players, while Party Mode is perfect for group play and offers various objectives that can only be achieved through microgames. If you prefer a more relaxed experience, the Museum mode allows you to pick and play any microgame at your leisure.

A Familiar, Yet Refreshing Experience

While WarioWare Move It! doesn’t push any major boundaries, it doesn’t need to. The game delivers a slick presentation and offers a collection of fun and absurd microgames that will keep players entertained. From off-the-wall nods to other Nintendo properties to uncouth actions involving noses and bottoms, the game retains the signature wackiness that fans adore.

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During our brief hands-on time with the game, we found ourselves thoroughly enjoying the microgame mayhem and are excited to delve deeper into it for our upcoming review. If you’re a fan of the series or simply looking for a lighthearted and hilarious gaming experience, WarioWare Move It! is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.


WarioWare Move It! brings back the manic fun of Wario’s classic Wii series with a collection of outrageous microgames that will have players waving their Joy-Con controllers in all sorts of silly ways. With its familiar yet refreshing gameplay, this long-awaited sequel is sure to delight fans of the series and newcomers alike. Mark your calendars for November 3rd and get ready to embrace the madness!

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