Beloved indie game finally on Steam at 40% off after Epic controversy
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Long-awaited indie game now available on Steam with a generous 40% discount following Epic controversy

Ooblets: A Delightful Game Arrives on Steam, Ending Controversy

Ooblets is one of the cutest, most joyful games you’ll find, and it’s now out on Steam after a lengthy period of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store that caused a wave of controversy when it was announced back in August 2019. However, that particular book has now finally been closed, as the game arrives on Valve’s platform, runs “really well” on Steam Deck, and you can even transfer your save over if you want to keep your progress.

The Controversy and Its Impact

Ooblets is one of the most delightful indie games you could find, so the controversy around the announcement of Ooblets’ Epic Store exclusivity, which led to harassment of the game’s developers and a statement from Epic condemning such actions, always felt very at odds with its tone. “We really misjudged how angry so many people would be,” developer Glumberland said at the time, “this whole thing has just devastated us.”

A Moment of Happiness

It was an unquestionably sour note for what should have been a celebration of an adorable game about building a cozy home and surrounding yourself with all manner of cute companions that can take part in dance battles on your behalf. Fortunately, three years on from that moment and 13 months after the game’s 1.0 launch on the Epic Games Store, the arrival of Ooblets on Steam now is the moment of happiness it deserves.

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A Heartwarming Life Game

The above description should be enough to sell you, but let me reassure you that Ooblets is a heartwarming life game that has a bit of everything. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Farming
  • Creature collection
  • Dance battles
  • RPG systems
  • Deck-building card games
  • Exploration
  • Adventure
  • Cooking
  • Puzzles
  • And more!
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It’s also on sale, so you can grab it at a hearty discount while you’re at it.

Availability and Pricing

Ooblets is out now on Steam. It’s on sale for 40% off until Thursday October 12, meaning you should expect to pay $17.99 / £14.99, down from $29.99 / £24.99. If you decide to buy it on Steam, you can transfer your save games over from the Epic Store version. While it didn’t manage to get officially Steam Deck certified by Valve for launch, developer Glumberland says, “the game has been running really well on our Decks with usable controls and very readable text.”

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