PvP Battler 'Glassbreakers' Gets New Champion, Steam Open Beta Coming in October – Road to VR
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Road to VR: Popular PvP Game ‘Glassbreakers’ Introduces New Champion, Steam Open Beta Set for October

Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss Introduces New Character ‘Mojo’

Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss, the 1v1 battler from Polyarc launched into early access late last month, is releasing a new character today which aims to “hook” players into returning for more tactical rat-bashing action.

Revealed last week, new champion ‘Mojo’ is now available for players on Quest, which for now is the only platform with an open beta.

Polyarc says can wishlist Glassbreakers now on Steam, with a planned open beta release slated to arrive sometime in October.

New Abilities and Gameplay Features

Mojo (aka ‘MJ22’) brings a few new ranged abilities to the 1v1 real-time battler, such as the ‘Free Hugs’ ability which lets Mojo launch a hook attack to pull the opposing squad’s Champions in towards them. Leveling up, the hook not only launches farther, but it also applies a slowing effect to enemies. Besides grabbing enemies, Mojo’s hook can also snag high-priority targets that the other squad is trying to protect.

The studio announced it’s also hosting a special ‘Quest for the Chest’ event from now until October 5th, which is boosting the speed at which players level up their weekly chests. What’s more, for the next two weeks, the top-tier chests will contain “extra special rewards including a chance at never-before-seen masks and emblems for players and their squads,” Polyarc says.

Upcoming Features and Transition to Quest Store

The game is slated to make the transition from App Lab game to the Quest Store proper early next year. Players can stay informed about the game’s progress by visiting the game’s Trello board to see how events are shaping up and how bug fixes are coming along.

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