Immersed Cancels Cheaper 2.5K Visor As 96% Chose 4K Model
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3. Cancelation Announcement: Immersed Discontinues 2.5K Visor Due to Overwhelming 96% Preference for 4K Model at Affordable Price

Immersed Cancels Cheaper 2.5K Model of Visor

Immersed, the virtual reality (VR) startup, has announced the cancellation of the cheaper 2.5K per eye model of their highly anticipated Visor headset. The cancellation comes after the company received overwhelming demand for the higher-resolution 4K per eye model.

Visor, initially announced in August, is touted as an ultra-compact productivity headset with a range of impressive features. The device boasts OLED microdisplays, inside-out tracking, HD color passthrough, hand tracking, and eye tracking. Set to release in 2024, the Visor is expected to support operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

A Dedicated Device for Immersive Productivity

Immersed aims to create a dedicated device with streamlined software designed specifically for immersive productivity, rather than a generalized headset for various applications. The company already offers a free app for popular VR systems like Meta Quest, Vive Focus 3, and Pico 4, allowing users to view PC monitors in VR and create virtual extra monitors. In contrast, the Visor is focused on providing an optimized experience for productivity tasks.

According to Immersed, the Visor is the result of a “strategic collaboration” with industry giants such as Qualcomm, Intel, and an undisclosed AR/VR tech giant, which will be revealed later this year. This collaboration ensures that the Visor benefits from cutting-edge technological advancements in the space.

Comfort and Portability

One of the key selling points of the Visor is its emphasis on comfort and portability. The headset is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs less than a typical smartphone, making it ideal for extended use. Immersed claims that the Visor is built for “all day” comfort, ensuring that users can wear it for extended periods without discomfort.

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Concept of Visor's software experience
Concept of Visor’s software experience.

Refundable Deposits and Customer Customization

Two weeks ago, Immersed started accepting “fully refundable deposits” for two Visor models. The options included a 2.5K per eye OLED microdisplay model, priced at $500, and a higher-end 4K per eye OLED microdisplay model, priced at $750. However, due to overwhelming demand, Immersed has decided to discontinue the production of the 2.5K model.

Immersed ensures that customers who opted for the 2.5K model will be provided with a special offer or have the option to receive a full refund. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the company promises that each Visor will be custom built to match the unique lens spacing and interpupillary distance of each buyer. This customization ensures a comfortable and immersive experience for every user.

Immersed emphasizes the importance of scanning the user’s face during the ordering process. Once the face scan is complete, the deposit becomes generally non-refundable, reinforcing the commitment to creating personalized devices for customers.

A Promising Future for the Visor

The cancellation of the cheaper 2.5K model speaks volumes about the excitement surrounding the Visor and the demand for high-quality visual experiences in the world of VR. Immersed’s decision to focus on the 4K per eye model showcases their commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and immersive productivity solutions for their customers.

With the strategic collaborations and partnerships established by Immersed, the Visor has the potential to revolutionize the way we work, play, and interact with virtual environments. As we await further announcements from Immersed, it’s clear that the Visor holds great promise for the future of VR and immersive productivity.

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