Immersed Opens 'Refundable Deposits' For Visor Headset
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Refundable Deposits Now Available for Visor Headset at Immersed

Immersed Opens Preorders for Visor: A Compact VR Headset with Advanced Features

Immersed Visor

Immersed, a leading virtual reality (VR) technology company, has announced that their highly anticipated Visor headset is now available for preorder. The Visor, set to release in 2024, promises to be an ultra-compact productivity headset with a range of advanced features and compatibility with multiple platforms.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Productivity

The Visor boasts several cutting-edge features that set it apart from other VR headsets in the market. It is equipped with OLED microdisplays, providing users with crisp and vibrant visuals. The headset also incorporates inside-out tracking, eliminating the need for external sensors and enabling users to move freely in their virtual environment.

Another standout feature of the Visor is its HD color passthrough. This enables users to seamlessly blend their real-world surroundings with the virtual content, creating a more immersive and realistic experience. Furthermore, the headset includes hand tracking and eye tracking capabilities, allowing for intuitive interactions and precise control.

To ensure a wireless experience, the Visor comes with an onboard chipset and battery. This allows users to enjoy VR without the constraints of cables and tethers. The inside-out tracking technology, powered by Qualcomm, ensures accurate tracking without the need for additional accessories.

Designed for Productivity

Unlike many VR headsets that cater to a wide range of applications, Immersed has specifically designed the Visor as a dedicated device for productivity. They have developed streamlined software that maximizes the use of PC monitors in VR and enables users to create virtual extra monitors, providing a versatile and efficient workspace.

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Immersed currently offers a free app for popular VR platforms such as Meta Quest, Vive Focus 3, and Pico 4, which allows users to view their PC monitors and create virtual extra monitors. The Visor takes this concept a step further by creating a hardware solution tailored specifically to this use case.

Customization and Pricing

The Visor will be available in two variants: one with 2.5K per eye OLED microdisplays and another with 4K per eye. The 2.5K variant is priced at $500, while the 4K variant is priced at $750. Immersed is also offering a limited-time “Founder’s Edition Visor 4K” which will provide early customers with exclusive benefits and potentially discounted pricing.

Immersed understands the importance of comfort in VR, especially for extended use. The Visor is designed to be lightweight, weighing less than a typical smartphone, and provides all-day comfort. The headset is also custom-built to match the lens spacing to each buyer’s interpupillary distance, ensuring the best possible viewing experience.

However, it is important to note that once the process of producing a user’s custom Visor begins, the deposit for the preorder becomes non-refundable. Immersed aims to create a personalized headset for each user, and this customization process makes it difficult to offer refunds once production has started.

Partnerships and Future Reveals

The development of the Visor has been a result of strategic collaborations between Immersed and various technology giants. Immersed has partnered with Qualcomm for the inside-out tracking technology, Intel for PC functionality, and an undisclosed AR/VR tech giant for undisclosed features that will be revealed later this year, increasing anticipation among VR enthusiasts.

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Immersed has also shared images of the Visor, giving a glimpse of the actual product design. These images provide a more tangible representation of the Visor, as previous visualizations were renderings.

The preordering phase for the Visor opens up a world of possibilities for VR enthusiasts and professionals looking to take their productivity to new heights. With its advanced features, compact design, and immersive capabilities, the Visor is set to revolutionize the way we work and interact in virtual reality.

As the VR industry continues to evolve, Immersed is at the forefront, pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions. The Visor represents the next step in the evolution of VR headsets and showcases Immersed’s commitment to providing high-quality experiences for users across the globe.

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