Quest 3 Higher Storage Model Price May Have Leaked
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Possible Leak of Quest 3 Higher Storage Model Price

The Price of the Higher Storage Model of Quest 3 May Have Leaked

The highly anticipated release of the Oculus Quest 3 is drawing near, and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting any news or leaks about the upcoming virtual reality headset. A recent leak suggests that the higher storage model of the Quest 3 may have a price of $650.

The leak originated from a screenshot shared by a VR enthusiast named Luna on Twitter, which they claim was sent to them by a GameStop employee. The screenshot shows a promotional card listing a shipping date of October 10, along with two SKU options for the Quest 3 – one priced at $500 and another at $650.

This leaked information aligns with a previously pulled Amazon Canada listing from August, which also indicated an October 10 shipping date. While the base model of the Quest 3 has already been confirmed to have 128GB storage and a price of $500, details about the higher storage model have been kept under wraps until now.

The GameStop stock system readout suggests that the higher storage model of the Quest 3 will be priced at $650. However, the leak does not reveal the exact storage capacity of this model.

Potential Storage Options

Currently, the Quest 2 is available in two storage tiers – 128GB for $300 and 256GB for $350 (originally $400). The larger price difference between the two Quest 3 models suggests that the higher tier may have more than 256GB.

One possibility is that the higher storage model of the Quest 3 could have up to 512GB, similar to the Pico 4 Pro sold in China. This would offer ample storage for users who want to download and store a large library of virtual reality games and experiences.

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Alternatively, the higher storage model could still have 256GB but come bundled with accessories such as the leaked Elite Strap and/or Charging Dock. This would provide added value for users who are looking for a more comprehensive package.

Upgraded Specifications

When Meta (formerly Facebook Reality Labs) announced the Quest 3 back in June, they revealed some impressive upgrades compared to its predecessors. The visor of the Quest 3 is said to be 40% thinner, thanks to the use of pancake lenses. The GPU is also more than twice as powerful, promising enhanced visuals and performance in VR games and applications. Additionally, the Quest 3 features dual color cameras and a depth sensor for mixed reality experiences with better scene understanding.

Meta is expected to open preorders for the Quest 3 at its annual Connect conference, which takes place this week. During the conference, more detailed specifications and information about the new features of the Quest 3 will also be revealed.

The leaked pricing information has caused a stir among the VR community, and many are excited to see what the higher storage model of the Quest 3 has to offer. As the release date draws closer, anticipation continues to build, and gamers eagerly await the opportunity to experience the next generation of virtual reality gaming with the Quest 3.

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