My Most-Played Game Of 2023 Isn't On Switch, But It Must Be On The Cards
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The Game I’ve Played the Most in 2023 Isn’t on Switch, But It’s Definitely on the Cards

Marvel Snap: A Potential Switch Port for the Popular Card Game

Marvel Snap: A Potential Switch Port for the Popular Card Game

By [Your Name], Gaming News Writer and Expert


As a gaming enthusiast and expert, I have spent countless hours playing games on various consoles. However, despite my love for the Nintendo Switch, there is one game that has captured my attention more than any other, and it’s not on the Switch itself. Marvel Snap, a digital collectible card game developed by Second Dinner Studios and Nuverse, has become my go-to game on my phone. With its one-year anniversary approaching and the recent release of the PC version, I can’t help but wonder if a Switch port is in the works.

About Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a card game where players build a deck of 12 heroes and use them to battle online opponents and win locations. Each card has its own cost and power values, and players have six turns to accumulate the highest amount of power at two of the three given locations. The game’s tactical elements, such as special abilities and strategic card choices, make it a thrilling and engaging experience.

Addictive Gameplay and Strategic Deck Building

Marvel Snap’s gameplay loop is fast-paced and addictive. The game’s mechanics and strategic depth have kept me coming back for more. I have experimented with different decks and discovered the power of skill-specific teams. For example, my current lineup relies on movement bonus cards like Vulture and Human Torch, allowing me to make clutch moves and secure last-minute victories. While it may not have the same high-octane thrills as games like Fortnite, the unique rush of watching those shiny cards flip is undeniable.

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The Nostalgia of Collecting

One of the most appealing aspects of Marvel Snap is the nostalgia-inducing collection aspect. With over 200 cards, each with different art variations, the game offers a sense of pride and accomplishment similar to opening packs of Pokémon cards. These aesthetic differences can be obtained through in-game purchases or by leveling up from battles. The collection aspect adds depth and replayability to the game, making it even more enticing for players.

A Potential Switch Port

While Marvel Snap is currently only available on mobile devices and PC, the recent release of the PC version has sparked hope for a potential Switch port. The game’s online multiplayer nature and on-the-go playstyle make it a perfect fit for the Switch. Additionally, the partnership between Nintendo and Marvel, as seen in the success of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, further supports the possibility of a Switch port for Marvel Snap.


Marvel Snap has captured the hearts of many players, including myself, with its addictive gameplay, strategic deck building, and nostalgic collection aspect. While a Switch port is not guaranteed, the potential for it is certainly bright. As a gaming expert, I believe that Marvel Snap would be a welcome addition to the Switch’s library, offering players a unique and engaging card game experience on the popular console.

Would you like to see Marvel Snap on Switch? Vote in our polls below and let us know in the comments.

  • Have you played Marvel Snap?
    • Yep, I play it on my phone – 15%
    • Yes, I play on Steam – 2%
    • I used to, but not anymore – 9%
    • I’ve never played it – 52%
    • Marvel… Snap? Like Pokémon Snap? – 22%
  • Do you want to see Marvel Snap on Switch?
    • Absolutely! – 13%
    • Yes, I’d play it if it came to Switch – 12%
    • I wouldn’t mind, but I’m happy playing it on PC/Mobile – 9%
    • I don’t really mind? – 36%
    • No, why would I? – 30%
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