New Spy X Family Switch Game Gets Its First Official Trailer
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First Official Trailer Released for New Spy X Family Switch Game

SpyxAnya: Operation Memories – A New Adventure Game Based on Spy x Family Manga and Anime

Bandai Namco recently announced the upcoming release of an adventure game adaptation of the popular manga and anime series Spy x Family. Titled SpyxAnya: Operation Memories, the game is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms in Japan on December 21, 2023, followed by a worldwide launch in 2024.

Embark on a Photo Diary Adventure as Anya Forger

In SpyxAnya: Operation Memories, players will take control of the youngest member of the spy family, Anya Forger. Anya’s new assignment from school is to create a photo diary, and players will accompany her on this exciting journey.

The game will allow players to experience Anya’s daily life, going to school on weekdays and exploring various exciting places like the beach and art museum on days off. The objective is to find interesting subjects to photograph and create memorable pictures to complete Anya’s diary.

A Brief Introduction to Spy x Family

For those unfamiliar with Spy x Family, the series revolves around the character of Twilight, a secret agent tasked with posing as a family man. He infiltrates an elite school to get close to a high-profile politician, but there’s a twist – his wife is a deadly assassin, and neither of them knows each other’s true identities. Their adopted daughter, who happens to be a telepath, is the only one aware of their secrets.

Trailer and Announcement

To build up excitement for the game’s release, Bandai Namco has released the first official trailer for SpyxAnya: Operation Memories. The trailer showcases the game’s vibrant visuals and gives players a glimpse of the adventures they can expect to embark on as Anya Forger.

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If you missed the original announcement at Nintendo’s Direct broadcast, you can watch it on Nintendo Life’s YouTube channel.


SpyxAnya: Operation Memories is an exciting upcoming adventure game that will surely appeal to fans of the Spy x Family manga and anime series. With its unique concept of creating a photo diary and the intriguing storyline of a spy family, the game promises to offer an immersive and entertaining experience for players. Stay tuned for more updates on the worldwide release of SpyxAnya: Operation Memories in 2024.

Are you excited about this upcoming release? Have you watched the anime or read the manga? Share your thoughts and anticipation in the comments below!

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