PS5's Knights of the Old Republic Remake Is Being Wiped from the Internet
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The Internet Erases PS5’s Knights of the Old Republic Remake

Sony Removes Knights of the Old Republic Remake Trailers Due to Music Licenses Expiring

Sony has recently removed trailers of the highly anticipated Knights of the Old Republic remake from its YouTube and social media accounts. According to Sony, the reason behind this decision is the expiration of the music licenses used in these trailers.

In a statement made to , Sony mentioned that it is a normal business practice to delist assets with licensed music once the licenses expire. This suggests that the removal of the trailers does not necessarily indicate any negative developments or problems with the game’s development.

While the removal of the trailers may have caused concern among fans, it is important to note that there is still hope for the game’s release.

Embracer’s Knights of the Old Republic Remake Faces Further Setbacks

The Knights of the Old Republic remake, which was originally scheduled to release as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive, has faced numerous hurdles throughout its development. The project, currently being developed by an unnamed arm of Saber Interactive, has seen major changes since its initial announcement.

However, the recent situation surrounding the game has taken a turn for the worse. Embracer, the parent company of the remake’s developer, has faced financial difficulties and as a result, has closed down Volition, the studio behind the popular Saints Row franchise.

Adding to the uncertainty, Sony has been gradually removing any references to the Knights of the Old Republic remake from its official YouTube and social media channels. This raises concerns about the game’s future, especially considering that Sony was originally slated to publish it.

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Game Status and Release Date

While no official cancellation announcement has been made, the current state of the project remains uncertain. It is advisable for fans to temper their expectations, as at best, the game is still several years away from release, assuming it is indeed still in development.

Given the challenging circumstances surrounding the game, it is crucial to be patient and await further updates from the developers or publishers involved.

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