Starfield’s most awkward accidents are now a thing of the past
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Starfield Eliminates Awkward Accidents with New Updates

Simple Offense Suppression Mod Resolves Frustrating Issue in Starfield

Accidentally provoking hostility from NPCs and spaceships in Bethesda’s Starfield has been a common frustration for players. However, a new mod called Simple Offense Suppression, created by ‘powerofthree,’ aims to solve this problem and enhance the gaming experience.

Avoid Unnecessary Conflict

The Simple Offense Suppression mod addresses the issue of unintentionally angering neutral characters and ships in Starfield. Previously, even a stray shot could result in instant hostility and severe consequences, such as disrupting missions or forcing players to reload their saved game.

Friend or Foe?

With the Simple Offense Suppression mod installed, neutral NPCs and ships are treated as “friends” in terms of their reaction to being hit by a stray shot. This means that outside of combat, they will turn hostile if attacked, as it is understandable for them to retaliate when unexpectedly assaulted. However, during combat, they can withstand multiple hits without becoming hostile.

For players who desire even more leniency, the mod offers the option to tag neutral characters and ships as “allies.” This designation allows them to endure a few friendly taps without any reaction, making it particularly useful for those who prefer less precise weapons in Starfield.

Enhancing the Starfield Experience

The Simple Offense Suppression mod is a prime example of how the simplest mods can greatly improve gameplay. Accidentally upsetting an entire town due to a single mistaken shot can significantly detract from the immersive experience of Starfield. However, this mod eliminates that frustration and allows players to focus on the game without worrying about unintended consequences.

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Getting the Mod

If you’re interested in trying out the Simple Offense Suppression mod in Starfield, you can download it from this link. Keep in mind that you’ll need the Starfield Script Extender mod for it to work, which is recommended for any Starfield modding enthusiast.

Further Exploration

Now that the fear of upsetting NPCs is no longer an issue, you can fully enjoy Starfield by building the best ships and assembling a formidable crew. Additionally, if you’re seeking more information and resources, the new Starfield Database offers daily news, searchable databanks, and interactive tools to enhance your exploration of the game.

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