Sea of Thieves Season Ten Brings Cooperation, Competitive Voyages, and Safer Seas
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Safer Seas, Cooperative and Competitive Voyages Await in Sea of Thieves Season 10

Sea of Thieves Prepares for Season Ten with Exciting New Features

Sea of Thieves players are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Season Ten, set to launch on October 19. Rare, the game’s developer, has unveiled a video showcasing the upcoming content planned for this highly anticipated “Super Season.” In this article, we break down the details of Season Ten, including the introduction of player-created Guilds, competitive quests, and a new game mode.

## Shared Progression with Guilds

One of the key features of Season Ten is the introduction of Guilds, a new way for players to form meaningful bonds and share progress with their friends. With the launch of Season Ten on October 19, players will have the opportunity to create their own Guilds. Once a Captain pledges their owned ship, up to 24 players can join forces and work towards shared goals.

Guild members will be able to sail on other players’ pledged ships, complete with their chosen cosmetics, and progress the Ship Milestones even when the ship’s owner is offline. By doing so, they contribute to the shared Guild Reputation and unlock new cosmetics for all Guildmates to enjoy. Guilds can be customized with personalized names, branding, and mottos, providing a unique way for players to express themselves and create a broader network of friends.

## Competitive Questing with the Skull of Siren Song

In November, a new type of world event will be introduced in Season Ten. Strange ghostly notes will appear pinned to ships’ masts, offering directions for locating and retrieving a valuable new artifact called the Skull of Siren Song. This unique Voyage will be available to all players sailing the seas simultaneously.

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All crews who accept the Voyage will share the same treasure maps, guiding them to the same chest and key required to claim the Skull. The first crew to reach a dig spot will obtain one of the two components. However, the treasure’s discovery will emit a beacon, alerting all other crews to give chase. To claim the Skull and its powerful ancient powers, a crew must secure both the chest and key.

The competition doesn’t end there. Once aboard a ship, the Skull will curse it, reducing its sailing speed. This gives enemy crews the opportunity to catch up and attempt to claim the prize for themselves. Players will need to man the cannons and engage in battles to defend their hard-won treasure, adding an exciting and competitive element to the game.

## A New Way to Play: Safer Seas Game Mode

Season Ten will introduce a new game mode called Safer Seas in December. This mode grants players the ability to sail the Sea of Thieves alone or with a crew of friends within their own private game session. Safer Seas offers a quieter and more independent experience, ideal for new players seeking a gentle introduction to the game or existing players looking for a peaceful map to pursue solo adventures.

While Safer Seas provides a more predictable environment and allows for progress on all applicable commendations, the reduced risks also mean decreased rewards. Trading Companies will offer less gold and reputation for treasures handed in, and achieving Pirate Legend status or undertaking certain challenging aspects of the game will not be possible in this mode.

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## Free for All Players

Sea of Thieves Season Ten will be available for free to all Sea of Thieves players who have purchased the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11 PC, or via Steam, as well as those with access to it through Xbox Game Pass. The game supports cross-platform play across all these platforms, allowing players to join the ongoing adventure irrespective of their chosen platform.

For more details on the upcoming changes in Season Ten, check out the full preview video on YouTube and stay tuned to Sea of Thieves’ social channels for future news. Season Ten promises a plethora of exciting new features that will enrich the gameplay experience for all aspiring pirates. So gather your crew, hoist the sails, and embark on an unforgettable journey in the Sea of Thieves!

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