Sea Of Thieves Is 'Not Just PvE Or PvP', According To Creative Director
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According to the Creative Director, Sea of Thieves offers more than just PvE or PvP gameplay

Rare Introduces Private PvE Servers in Sea of Thieves Season Ten

Earlier this week, Rare announced its plans for Sea of Thieves Season Ten, which includes the long-awaited addition of private PvE servers. This decision has sparked a mixed reaction from the game’s community, with some players excited about the introduction of “Safer Seas,” while others express concern about the future popularity of the PvP mode, “High Seas.”

A Shared World Adventure Game

In response to the community’s feedback, Sea of Thieves’ creative director, Mike Chapman, took to social media to shed light on the game’s original vision. Chapman revealed that Sea of Thieves was conceived as a “Shared World Adventure Game” or “SWAG,” as it merges both PvP and PvE seamlessly. According to Chapman, this blending of play styles will always be at the heart of the game.

Mike Chapman: “#SeaOfThieves was described as a ‘Shared World Adventure Game’ in our original vision, so we half-seriously referred to it as a ‘SWAG’ – a new type of multiplayer experience. Not just ‘PVE’ or ‘PVP’, but both seamlessly merged. That will always be the heart of the game.”

This revelation clarifies that Sea of Thieves is not solely one game style or the other, but rather a unique multiplayer experience that blends the best elements of both PvP and PvE gameplay.

Safer Seas Mode

If you missed the original announcement, the new “Safer Seas” mode in Sea of Thieves will introduce private PvE servers with reduced rewards, level caps, and limited availability of certain content. Players will need to participate in the “High Seas” mode to gain access to the game’s full range of features and content. Rare’s decision to offer private PvE servers opens up the game to a wider audience, providing a more accessible and secure environment for players who prefer a less competitive experience.

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Community Feedback

Following the announcement of private PvE servers, the gaming community has been abuzz with discussions. Users on various forums and social media platforms have expressed their opinions on the addition of “Safer Seas.” Some players are thrilled about the opportunity to explore the game’s vast world without the constant threat of PvP encounters. On the other hand, some worry that this change may affect the popularity and competitiveness of the PvP-focused “High Seas” mode.

How do you feel about Rare’s decision to introduce private PvE servers in Sea of Thieves? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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