Set Sail for Sea of Thieves’ Next Community Weekend on September 30
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Join the Next Community Weekend of Sea of Thieves on September 30 and Embark on an Adventure

Sea of Thieves Season Nine Community Weekend: Exciting Features and Twitch Integration

– Sea of Thieves Season Nine Community Weekend will take place from September 30 to October 2.
– The event will include login bonuses, Pop-Up Plunder, and an in-game multiplier based on watch hours on Twitch.
– Additional incentives include sales, Twitch Drops, and a celebratory stream from Rare’s Tavern.

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! On this special day, Sea of Thieves enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that the next Community Weekend is just around the corner. The upcoming Season Nine event promises plenty of fun and exciting activities for players looking to maximize their looting returns. What distinguishes this event from previous ones is the introduction of a brand new feature called “Pop-Up Plunder.”

But before we delve into the details of this event, let’s talk about the unique twist Sea of Thieves is bringing to the table this time around. In a first for the game, Twitch will play a significant role in powering the Community Emissary Grade. In previous events, players could increase their grade by using a Twitter hashtag. However, this time, watch hours on Twitch will determine the in-game multiplier, leading to significant boosts in gold, reputation, Seasonal Renown, and Allegiance.

To help raise the Community Emissary Grade, players simply need to tune in to their favorite streamers in Twitch’s Sea of Thieves category. The collective watch time will contribute to unlocking bigger rewards. If the community manages to hit Grade Five, players will receive two-and-a-half times the rewards for their efforts. It’s a simple and enjoyable way to contribute to the Sea of Thieves community.

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To mark the shift from Twitter to Twitch, Sea of Thieves will host a celebratory stream on their official Twitch channel. The stream will commence from 10am UTC on September 30, featuring a sea of familiar faces streaming live from Rare’s on-site Tavern. The Community Weekend challenges, mid-sail giveaways, and general livestream chaos will provide endless entertainment. Moreover, every minute watched during the stream will contribute to the Community Emissary Grade and offer Twitch Drops as rewards.

Speaking of Twitch Drops, Sea of Thieves will offer a range of brand new items that can be obtained by watching Twitch streamers. The Eastern Winds Ruby Sturdy Boots, Gilded Phoenix Cutlass, Eastern Winds Ruby Bejewelled Gloves, and Gilded Phoenix Eye of Reach are just a few examples of the exciting rewards waiting to be claimed. Each reward can be unlocked by watching any stream in the Sea of Thieves category for a minimum of one hour.

But the rewards don’t end there. If the Sea of Thieves category manages to break into Twitch’s top 10 categories based on viewing figures, an extra-special Twitch Drop will be unlocked, offering the exclusive Obsidian Ship’s Crest. This high-value item will be available only during Sea of Thieves Community Weekends, making it an incredibly rare and coveted addition to any pirate’s inventory.

Of course, the Community Weekend is not just about Twitch and rewards. Sea of Thieves has plenty of in-game activities to offer as well. After the successful Port Merrick picture wall from the Fifth Anniversary Community Weekend, themed picture walls have now been added to every Outpost. These walls will display the Community Emissary Grade flag, allowing players to see the community’s progress at a glance.

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As players level up through the Community Emissary Grade, they will also have the chance to experience the brand new feature called Pop-Up Plunder. Throughout the Community Weekend, special caches of valuable loot will be buried within the world of Sea of Thieves. Every time the community achieves a new collective Emissary Grade, precious loot will be added to all servers at specific locations. Clues to these locations will be shared on Sea of Thieves’ official social media channels. Each treasure will only be discoverable for an hour before it disappears, so speed and agility will be key to securing these rewards. The loot at these locations will vary, ranging from packed Collector’s Chests to Chests of Legends, Siren Gems, and even Chests of Fortune.

To further encourage participation, Sea of Thieves will reward players who log in during the Community Weekend with a regal purple and yellow Community Weekend Flag and a playful Touch Grass Emote. Additionally, the Sea of Thieves merchandise store will run a 30% off promotion, allowing fans to purchase pirate swag at a discounted price.

Moreover, the Community Weekend will celebrate the unstoppable community spirit of Sea of Thieves players by spotlighting those who embody the best of #BeMorePirate. A Crew Couture-themed fashion competition will be held, showcasing players’ creativity and style with the #StyleOfThieves. Sea of Thieves encourages players to share their spoils, stories, selfies, and more on every available social media platform using the hashtag #SeaOfThievesCommunityWeekend.

This Community Weekend promises to be an unforgettable experience for all pirates. With Twitch integration, exciting rewards, Pop-Up Plunder, and various in-game activities, players will have a wealth of opportunities to enjoy their time on the virtual seas of Sea of Thieves. So mark your calendars and set sail for adventure from September 30 to October 2!

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