Party Animals Is Proving Extremely Popular, Aside From Some 'Offline' Controversy
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Party Animals Gains Massive Popularity Despite Controversy Beyond the Digital World

Party Animals Generates Controversy with Always-Online Requirement

Party Animals Generates Controversy with Always-Online Requirement

Party Animals, a newly released game available on Xbox Game Pass, has quickly gained popularity among players. However, it has also faced criticism and controversy, especially on the Steam platform for PC.

“Mixed” Review Score on Steam

Currently, Party Animals has a “Mixed” review score on Steam, primarily due to its always-online requirement. While players can still enjoy the game locally with friends and AI bots, they must remain connected to the game’s servers to play. This aspect has caused backlash among some players, leading to a heated discussion about the game’s offline capabilities.

Developer Responds to Controversy

Sensing the strong negative feedback, the game’s developer issued a statement to clarify the confusion surrounding the offline mode. The initial game description mentioned an “offline” mode, which led players to believe that Party Animals supported an offline feature. However, the developer clarified that the game does not have an offline mode and requires an online connection to play.

The developer revised the game description to prevent further misunderstandings, replacing the controversial sentence with, ‘Paw it out with your friends remotely, or huddle together for chaotic fun on the same screen.’ The developer expressed remorse for any confusion caused and stated that misleading the player base was never their intention.

An Engaging Gameplay Experience

While the always-online aspect of Party Animals has received significant criticism, the actual gameplay has garnered positive feedback. In a pre-launch review, the game was praised for its entertaining gameplay and awarded a “Great” 8/10 score. The review went on to declare Party Animals as one of the best party games available on Xbox Game Pass in 2023.

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Platform Exclusivity

Party Animals is currently a console exclusive for Game Pass members, meaning it is not available for PC Game Pass players. However, Xbox Cloud Gaming offers Party Animals as part of its “Ultimate” subscription, allowing players to enjoy the game through cloud streaming.

Player Sentiments

What are players saying about Party Animals so far? Here are some of their thoughts:

  • “It’s amazing, I’m loving it!” – 33% of voters
  • “It’s pretty good so far, yeah” – 17% of voters
  • “It’s OK, not bad” – 17% of voters
  • “It’s a bit disappointing to be honest” – 17% of voters
  • “It’s terrible!” – 17% of voters

Regarding the always-online requirement, player sentiments are as follows:

  • “Who cares? I’m just enjoying the game” – 60% of voters
  • “It’s a bit annoying, but I’m not that bothered” – 40% of voters
  • “Yeah, I definitely think it’s a problem” – 0% of voters
  • “I refuse to play the game because of it!” – 0% of voters


Despite the controversy surrounding its always-online requirement, Party Animals continues to gain popularity among players. The engaging gameplay and positive reviews make it a standout party game on Xbox Game Pass. However, the lack of availability for PC Game Pass players has left some disappointed. It remains to be seen how the game will address the concerns raised by players and whether an offline mode will be introduced in the future.

What are your thoughts on Party Animals? Have you had a chance to play it yet? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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