Turn 10 Reassures Fans That Forza Motorsport Will Be A 'Massive AAA Launch' For Xbox Next Month
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Forza Motorsport Fans Can Rest Assured: Xbox’s Next Month Release Promises ‘Massive AAA Launch’

Forza Motorsport Devs Assure Fans: This is a True Forza Title

In a recent interview with IGN, members of the Turn 10 development team discussed the highly anticipated Forza Motorsport game, set to launch in early October. While there has been some speculation about the team dropping a number from the title, the developers want to assure fans that this is still a true Forza experience with an abundance of content on day one.

According to Dan Greenawalt, one of the lead developers at Turn 10, the approach for Forza Motorsport is not to create a typical games-as-a-service model. Rather, it is a massive AAA game with a $70 price tag. Greenawalt emphasized that the game is not launching small with plans to build over time; it is a complete experience from day one.

However, Turn 10 recognizes the importance of post-launch updates and content to keep the game fresh and exciting. The team is committed to building a platform over time that will include additional tracks, cars, events, and more. This means players can expect a continuous stream of new content to enhance their Forza Motorsport experience.

Ambitious Post-Launch Plans: New Tracks and Seamless Integration

In the interview, the Turn 10 team confirmed that a post-release track update is already in the works. In addition to the already-announced Nürburgring Nordschleife track, Yas Marina will be added to the game in November, free of charge. The developers promise that the integration of these tracks will be seamless, with players not even realizing they were added after the initial launch.

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This commitment to adding new tracks demonstrates Turn 10’s dedication to evolving the game beyond its initial release. By integrating new tracks into the game’s career mode, players will have a more immersive and connected experience even after completing the initial content. This approach aims to keep players engaged and excited about the ongoing development of Forza Motorsport.

The Always-Online Campaign Mode: Pros and Cons

One aspect of Forza Motorsport that has caused some discussion is the decision to have an always-online campaign mode. While some players may have preferred an offline solution, Turn 10 believes the always-online approach allows for better integration of post-launch updates and content. With an increasing number of gamers connected online, the developers can deliver regular updates seamlessly, bringing new experiences to players on a consistent basis.

While an offline option would have been a welcome addition for those without consistent internet access or who prefer to play offline, the promise of significant updates and ongoing content creation may help to justify the always-online requirement for many players.

The Verdict: Can Turn 10 Deliver on Their Ambitious Plans?

The question remains: Can the Turn 10 development team pull off their ambitious plans for Forza Motorsport? The combination of a standalone AAA launch with regular post-release updates and content creates an exciting prospect for racing game enthusiasts. If the developers can deliver on their promises and consistently introduce new tracks, cars, events, and more, Forza Motorsport has the potential to become an impressive and evolving racing platform.

Only time will tell if Turn 10 can live up to the expectations of fans and create a game that truly revolutionizes the racing genre. Until then, fans can look forward to the launch of Forza Motorsport in early October and keep a watchful eye on the ongoing development of the game post-release.

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What are your thoughts on Turn 10’s ambitious plans for Forza Motorsport? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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