Detective Pikachu Returns director on how Pokemon were chosen
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Director Reveals the Process Behind the Selection of Pokemon in Detective Pikachu Returns

Detective Pikachu Returns: The Pokemon Selection Process Revealed

Detective Pikachu Returns: The Pokemon Selection Process Revealed

Have you been curious as to how the team behind Detective Pikachu Returns decided which Pokemon to include? Director Yasunori Yanagisaw recently shared insight during an interview with ComicBook.

In Detective Pikachu Returns, players can expect to encounter numerous Pokemon, each with their own unique abilities and roles. While some Pokemon will directly influence gameplay mechanics, others will be present in the game’s environments, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon.

The Pokemon Selection Process

Yasunori Yanagisaw shed light on the Pokemon selection process for Detective Pikachu Returns, explaining that various factors were taken into account:

“There’s a lot of Pokemon that are appearing in this game. There are various reasons that they’ve been selected, but mainly it’s seeing the Pokemon’s unique characteristics and making sure that it’s appropriate for the environment that they’re interacting with. For example, seeing Pokemon that are working on something, Pokemon that are playing, for example, if there was a Pokemon that was playing with a soccer ball at the park, there’s a certain Pokemon that might be appropriate for that scenario. There’s that aspect and there’s also the preferences, different preferences in Pokemon on the developer side. If they want to see a particular Pokemon appearing, they’ll choose that. As for Growlithe, [I] really like dogs so having Growlithe in this game made sense.”

This insight reveals that the team carefully considered each Pokemon’s unique characteristics and suitability for the specific environment they would be placed in. For example, a Pokemon playing with a soccer ball at the park would require a Pokemon that fits that scenario. Additionally, the personal preferences of the developers played a role in the selection process, allowing them to include Pokemon they were particularly fond of.

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Examples of Pokemon Roles

To illustrate the thought process behind the Pokemon selection, here are some examples of Pokemon and their roles in Detective Pikachu Returns:

Pokemon Role
Growlithe Allows players to follow scents
Darmanitan Can smash rocks
Luxray Able to peer through walls

These examples demonstrate how the team considered the unique abilities of each Pokemon and incorporated them into the gameplay mechanics. Players will have the opportunity to utilize these Pokemon’s skills to progress through the game and solve mysteries.

Release Date

Fans of Detective Pikachu Returns can mark their calendars, as the game is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch on October 6, 2023.


The Pokemon selection process for Detective Pikachu Returns involved careful consideration of each Pokemon’s characteristics and their suitability for the game’s environments. By incorporating Pokemon with unique abilities and roles, players will have an immersive and engaging experience as they explore the world of Detective Pikachu Returns.

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