Remedy's Max Payne Remakes Are 'A Big, Big Project' Says Creative Director Sam Lake
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Massive Undertaking: Remedy’s Max Payne Remakes Detailed by Creative Director Sam Lake

Max Payne Remakes: A “Big, Big Project” for Remedy Entertainment

Max Payne Remakes: A “Big, Big Project” for Remedy Entertainment


Ahead of the release of the long-awaited horror sequel, Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake has revealed that the upcoming Max Payne remakes are a significant undertaking for the company. After years of rumors, Remedy Entertainment recently confirmed that remakes of Max Payne and Max Payne 2 will soon be making their way to PC and consoles. This news has sparked excitement among fans of the iconic third-person shooters.

Bringing the Max Payne Games Up to Modern Standards

In an interview with VGC discussing the release of Alan Wake 2, Sam Lake discussed the challenge of updating the Max Payne games for modern audiences and hardware. Lake stated that this project is a “big, big project” for Remedy Entertainment. While the company has not revealed many details about the remakes, CEO Tero Virtala mentioned earlier this year that production on the Max Payne 1 & 2 remakes has been progressing well.

Remedy’s Balance Between Sequels and Original IP

The interview also shed some light on Remedy Entertainment’s plans to balance sequels and original IP moving forward. Despite the focus on existing IPs with upcoming releases like Alan Wake 2 and the Max Payne remakes, Remedy has not abandoned the creation of new content. Lake emphasized that titles such as Vanguard, an upcoming Remedy game, showcase the company’s commitment to expanding its Remedy Connected Universe.

Remedy’s Robust Development Portfolio

While Max Payne fans eagerly await the remakes, Remedy Entertainment has plenty of games in production to keep players satisfied in the meantime. In addition to Alan Wake 2 and the co-op PVE shooter Vanguard, the studio is also working on two new entries in the Control franchise. With a diverse range of genres represented in their development portfolio, fans can anticipate experiencing Remedy’s unique blend of style and substance for years to come.

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The Max Payne remakes are a highly anticipated project for Remedy Entertainment. Bringing these iconic third-person shooters up to modern standards is a monumental task, but one that the company is dedicated to achieving. As fans eagerly await the release of Max Payne 1 & 2 remakes, they can find solace in the fact that Remedy has several exciting games in development, ensuring a bright future for the studio and its devoted fanbase.

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Remedy's Max Payne Remakes Are 'A Big, Big Project' Says Creative Director Sam Lake

Creative Director Sam Lake describes Remedy’s Max Payne remakes as a massive undertaking

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