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Toss! Review: A Quirky and Thrilling VR Platformer

Toss! is a new VR platformer game developed by Swedish studio Agera Games that combines exhilaration, silliness, and a healthy dose of challenge. In this article, we will dive deep into the gameplay, mechanics, and overall experience of Toss! on various VR platforms including PSVR 2, Quest, XR Elite, and PC VR.

Toss! Review – The Facts

  • Platforms: PC VR, Meta Quest, Vive XR Elite & PSVR 2 (Review conducted on PSVR 2)
  • Release Date: Out now
  • Developer: Agera Games
  • Price: $19.99

Toss! starts with a quirky narrative reminiscent of the Pikmin series, where players take on the role of a crash-landed monkey on a cloudy alien world. The objective is simple: collect bananas to fix your spaceship by navigating through a series of increasingly challenging obstacle courses.

As you progress through the game, Toss! introduces new obstacles and hazards such as targeted missile creatures and lasers, pushing your VR platforming skills to their limits. The difficulty curve is well-paced, relying on instinct and intuition rather than explicit instructions. While it may throw you in at the deep end initially, Toss! is designed to teach you how to navigate its world effectively.

Beyond simply reaching the end of each level, Toss! offers additional metrics to challenge yourself, including item collection, contact limitations, and speedrunning. These optional challenges provide a sense of accomplishment for players who excel in the genre and want to push themselves further.

Toss! rewards players who meet the criteria with custom cuffs to dress up their monkey avatar’s wrists. While not the most elaborate character customization system, these cuffs act as a symbolic medal for overcoming some of the game’s most formidable challenges.

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The game also features two unlockable game modifiers – Zero G, which removes gravity, and Double Toss, which allows mid-air gripping and pulling. These additions aim to keep the game fresh and provide new ways to tackle the levels after completing the main objectives.

One of the standout aspects of Toss! is its charming cartoonish art style, which remains consistent throughout the game’s nine locations. The visuals create a welcoming atmosphere, even in the more dramatic and stormy levels. This design choice also helps alleviate any fear of heights players may have, as the fall beneath is obscured by clouds.

However, Toss! does have some technical issues, particularly with tracking inconsistencies on PSVR 2. There were instances where grip actions didn’t register correctly, resulting in frustrating falls or misdirection. It’s possible that the game performs better on PC VR or self-tracking controllers on standalone headsets like Quest Pro. A quick reset button would also be a valuable addition to skip the waiting time when falling through the clouds.

Despite the technical hiccups, Toss! manages to create a compelling VR platforming experience. It combines moments of frustration, moments of triumph, and a strong desire to succeed. The fluid movement system, controlled by grabbing the environment and propelling yourself with throws, adds an extra level of immersion.

In conclusion, Toss! is a worthy addition to the VR platforming genre. It offers a challenging and engaging experience for both experienced VR players and newcomers to the medium. With its quirky narrative, charming visuals, and adrenaline-fueled gameplay, Toss! is a game that will keep players coming back for more.

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