Easily grab all the Starfield resources you need in one building
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One Building: Your One-Stop Destination for All Starfield Resources

Starfield: Where to Find Easy Resources in New Atlantis

Starfield: Where to Find Easy Resources in New Atlantis

Starfield has a lot of resources. So many in fact that it can often times be a nightmare getting exactly what you need for all your crafting and upgrade plans. If like me you missed one incredibly useful building in New Atlantis in the RPG game then, you’ll want to hear about where to go in the Starfield city right now.

I don’t know about you but every time I want to craft something in Starfield, be it weapon mods, parts of a base in the outposts system, or a research project, I’m always missing at least one resource. While I could scour the universe for the planet with the best deposits, I’ve already made it clear that exploring some of Starfield’s planets sucks the fun out of the game.

Starfield easy resources: a building interior with the sign

Luckily, I’ve just realized that there’s actually a way to get an abundance of resources easily with credits, and you can even get a discount if you know how. This is thanks to SynthPotato on Twitter, who showed off a key part of Starfield’s New Atlantis that I’m sure many of us have missed.

United Colonies Distribution Center

Basically, you’ll want to go to the United Colonies Distribution Center in New Atlantis, which on top of having weapons and spacesuits for sale, also sells an abundance of useful resources.

Starfield easy resources: a Starfield menu screen

If you use the metro system or fast travel to the commercial district, simply walk forward and the building, with a big sign, is opposite GalBank. While you can’t miss it when you know where it is, you might not already know about the Distribution Center, but the main thing is that you shouldn’t have to do nearly as much resource farming on random and barren Starfield planets anymore.

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Now, if you complete the United Colonies questline and earn your citizenship you can actually get a discount at the distribution center, making the value for money even better in Starfield. So get to it.

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