Starfield: How To Build An Outpost, Best Outpost Skills, Best Outpost Locations
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Building an Outpost in Starfield: Essential Skills and Optimal Locations

Starfield: How To Build An Outpost, Best Outpost Skills, Best Outpost Locations

At some point during your adventures in Starfield you’re likely gonna want to build yourself an outpost. It may not seem like the most exciting thing, we avoided it for as long as we possibly could, but the fact is Outposts are incredibly useful for a host of reasons. Let’s take a look at how they work and where we reckon is best to build them.

How To Build An Outpost

First things first, how to actually build an outpost. It’s as simple as opening up your scanner on the planet of your choice and tapping the X button to enter the outpost building menu. Remember here that we’re looking for resource rich areas, so find a patch of resources with your scanner then settle into building.

We have a nice list of planets further down this guide that have lots of resources to make use of, so make sure to check that out once you’re up and running.

Why Build An Outpost?

Outposts aren’t in any way essential to completing the game so why should you waste time with them? Well, they provide lots of big benefits, such as material gathering which will boost your ability to create weapon mods. They’ll give you tons of extra storage, they’ll enable you to fully scan a planet in detail rather than plodding around with your scanner open on foot, and they also give you access to cargo links.

Cargo links work by allowing you to ferry materials and resources around through as many outposts as you choose to build, and they’re as easy to set up as simply building a Cargo Link Intersystem at each base so they can then get busy interacting with each other. You may even want to staff your outposts to increase productivity, and all of this feeds back into giving you lots of resources to use in more exciting areas of the game, like pimping your guns to shoot things in the face.

With regards to the habitats you build, well, they make for instant travel points that you can access via fast travel. You can place workbenches of every variety in them too, so you’re giving yourself a network of pitstops and crafting areas. Very useful.

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Best Outpost Skills

  • Outpost Management: An obvious one, as you rank this up you’ll be able to crew and eventually massively boost your resource production rates.
  • Outpost Engineering: Another obvious one, engineering allows you to build more outposts, as well as making construction cheaper in terms of the amount of resources it requires.
  • Special Projects: Allows you to create a wider range of bits and bobs and research more projects. It also boosts your resource output when it’s been upgraded to the max.
  • Botany: Allows you to cultivate plants of your choosing so you don’t have to trek them down in the wild.
  • Planetary Habitation: Build in harsh environments and get a big boost to the number of outposts you can build in total.

Best Outpost Locations

Below we’ve listed the planets we reckon are the best to make a beeline for when it comes to building outposts.

Planet System
Jemison Alpha Centauri
Zamka Alpha Centauri
Callisto Sol System
Andraphon Narion System
Kreet Narion System
Maheo II Maheo System
Leviathan IV Leviathan System
Decaran III Decaran System

These planets are rich in resources and offer suitable environments for outpost construction. Whether it’s abundant resources, low-level enemies, or unique crafting materials, each planet on this list has something special to offer for your outpost-building needs.

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