Starfield fan recreates every single cube-shaped food from the game
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Dedicated Starfield Fan Recreates All Cube-Shaped Foods Featured in the Game

Starfield Fans Create Real-Life Versions of Cube-Shaped Chunks Food

Since the release of Bethesda’s highly anticipated game, Starfield, players have been exploring the vast interstellar setting in search of new companions, missions, and more. One of the standout features of the game is the adorable cube-shaped food items known as Chunks. These little squares of tasty goodness have captured the attention of fans, with some even going so far as to create real-life versions of them.

The Allure of Chunks

If you’ve played Starfield, you’ve likely encountered the Chunks food items and experienced the mixed emotions they evoke. Are they appetizing or intimidating? These cubed cakes, eggs, and other food items cover a wide range of categories, making them both intriguing and perplexing.

In our Starfield review, we highlighted the vastness of the game’s universe, from gas giants to water worlds. But it seems that the inclusion of cube-shaped food has struck a chord with fans. One fan, Twitch partner ‘Kat of Whimsy,’ took her love for Chunks to the next level by recreating them in the real world.

Kat shared her creations on Twitter, showcasing her almost complete collection of cube-shaped food items from the Starfield Chunks menu. In a video, she demonstrates the variety of flavors she has recreated, from square mashed potatoes to a smushed-looking burger. Kat’s culinary experiment teaches us that any food can be transformed into a delicious bite-sized cube.

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The textures of these Chunks are diverse and intriguing. They can be squishy, gelatinous, or even multi-layered. Watching Kat’s video repeatedly, I find myself drawn to the idea of eating these Chunks. What was once a source of fear for me has now become an enticing and exotic concept. Surely, square food is a vast improvement over the mundane meals our contemporary astronauts consume in space.

More Starfield Adventures Await

For those currently exploring the starry setting of Starfield, there is much more to discover beyond cube-shaped food. Our comprehensive guide to all the Starfield planets available in-game will help you navigate the vast universe with ease. While not all planets may be as intriguing as cube-shaped food, many come close.

If you’re looking to enhance your Starfield experience, our in-depth guide on the coolest Starfield mods will provide you with the necessary tools to spice up your base game. From visual enhancements to gameplay tweaks, these mods offer endless possibilities for customization.

Still hungry for more Starfield content? Our newly launched Starfield Database goes beyond a traditional wiki, offering daily news updates, searchable databanks, and interactive tools. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and immerse yourself in the rich lore of Starfield.

As fans continue to explore the vastness of Starfield, it’s clear that the game has captured the imagination of players worldwide. From its expansive universe to its adorable cube-shaped food, Starfield offers a unique and immersive gaming experience that will keep players engaged for hours on end.

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