Barbie Returns In 'Dreamhouse Adventures', Launching Next Month
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Next Month, Barbie Makes a Comeback in ‘Dreamhouse Adventures’

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Coming to Nintendo Switch

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, the popular mobile game, is set to make its debut on the Nintendo Switch eShop on October 27th, 2023. Published by Budge Studios, the game offers a variety of activities for players to enjoy alongside the iconic Barbie and her friends.

Join Barbie and Her Friends in Dreamhouse Party

In Dreamhouse Party, players will have the opportunity to engage in various activities such as cooking, baking, dancing, and dressing up. The game aims to provide a fun and interactive experience for kids who are fans of the Barbie brand.

The game was originally released for mobile devices in 2018 and has gained a significant following since then. Now, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to enjoy the game on the big screen and take advantage of the console’s unique features.

Design Your Dreamhouse and Interact with Barbie’s Friends

In Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, players can unleash their creativity and design every room of Barbie’s Dreamhouse. From choosing wallpapers to adding dazzling decorations, the game offers a range of customization options to make the Dreamhouse truly your own.

Additionally, players will have the chance to meet Barbie’s best friends, including Brooklyn, a sports fanatic; Daisy, a talented DJ; Teresa, a science-lover; Nikki, an aspiring fashion designer, and of course, Ken. Barbie’s family, including her sisters Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea, as well as her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, will also be part of the adventure.

Cooking, Baking, and Dressing Up

One of the highlights of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is the opportunity to cook and bake alongside Barbie and her sisters. The game offers a wide range of delicious recipes to try out, and players can even share their creations on BarbieGram.

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For fashion enthusiasts, the game provides an extensive wardrobe with beautiful princess dresses and cozy pajamas for every occasion. Players can also visit the hair salon in the DreamHouse and experiment with different hairstyles, adding cool accessories to complete their new looks.

Pre-order Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Excited fans can now pre-order Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures for the Nintendo Switch at a price of £34.99. By securing their copy in advance, players can ensure they don’t miss out on the fun-filled adventures awaiting them in Barbie’s Dreamhouse.

Whether you’re a fan of the Barbie brand or simply looking for an entertaining game for your Nintendo Switch, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures promises to deliver a delightful experience for players of all ages. Get ready to immerse yourself in Barbie’s world and embark on exciting adventures with her and her friends.

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