Racket Club Serves Up Quest & PC VR Tennis Club In December
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December brings Quest and PC VR Tennis Club to Racket Club

Racket Club Dev Diary Reveals Social Mechanics and Launch on Quest and SteamVR

A new dev diary for the highly anticipated game, Racket Club, has provided exciting details on its social mechanics and confirmed its launch on the Meta Quest platform and SteamVR this December.

The dev diary, hosted by Mathieu Castelli, Chief Creative Officer at Resolution Games, delves into the vision behind Racket Club and how the team wanted to replicate the atmosphere of a real tennis club.

“That means you step into a place where other people are playing around you, you can hear them play, you can interact or not, it’s your choice,” Castelli confirms. Compared to standard online multiplayer experiences, Castelli states that they aimed to minimize the use of UI elements, creating a more immersive and intuitive gameplay experience. Joining or leaving matches is as simple as clicking on a courtside door.

Racket Club gameplay
Racket Club gameplay screenshot

At launch, Racket Club will feature a single club with various court surfaces including grass, clay, and concrete. Each surface will provide a unique playing experience, with balls reacting differently on each type. In a bid to enhance the sense of connection, the game also allows players to invite friends into matches, who will then appear beside them on the court.

Racket Club is set to make its debut in December 2023 on the Meta Quest platform. For PC users, the game will also be available on SteamVR. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release and can find more information about the game in the previously released developer diary.


Racket Club’s upcoming release on Quest and SteamVR is generating excitement among virtual tennis enthusiasts. With its focus on creating an immersive social experience akin to a real tennis club, the game promises to offer players the chance to interact with others while enjoying realistic gameplay and various court surfaces. The December launch date cannot come soon enough for fans eager to step onto the virtual courts of Racket Club.

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