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New Super Mario 3D Open World Rumored for Nintendo Switch 2

New Super Mario 3D Open World Rumored for Nintendo Switch 2

A fresh leak hints at the development of a Super Mario 3D Open World game for the anticipated Nintendo Switch 2. This leak originates from a trustworthy source, Zippo, who has a history of providing accurate information.

Background of the Leak

According to Zippo, Nintendo EPD Tokyo, the creative minds behind Super Mario Odyssey, have embarked on new ventures, maintaining a similar “no deadline” development approach as seen with Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Upcoming Games


The leaked intel points towards several games in development by Nintendo EPD Tokyo, including:

  • Super Mario 3D Open World
    • Anticipated as “THE GAME” for Nintendo in 2024.
    • Set to be a launch title for the Switch’s successor.
    • Not a direct sequel to Odyssey, featuring a “completely different direction” that is poised to be breathtaking.
  • Princess Peach Showtime
    • Centered around the iconic character, Princess Peach.
    • A collaborative effort between Nintendo EPD Tokyo and Yoshiaki Koizumi, the head of Mario 3D.
    • Features a design of Peach’s castle reminiscent of the one in Odyssey.
  • Mario VS Donkey Kong
    • A project assisted by EPD Tokyo, focusing on artistic direction and technical elements.
    • Utilizes an updated version of the Mario 3D engine, also employed for Princess Peach Showtime and another new 3D Mario title.
  • New Donkey Kong 2D Game
    • A separate entity from the earlier announced Mario VS Donkey Kong remake.
    • Transitioned to the upcoming Nintendo console.

Caution and Anticipation

Enthusiasts must approach these rumors with skepticism until official confirmations are made. Nonetheless, the possibility of a new Super Mario 3D Open World game is undeniably thrilling.

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What’s Next?

While awaiting further developments, fans have Super Mario Bros. Wonder to look forward to. Scheduled for release on the existing Nintendo Switch on October 20, 2023, this game will transport Mario and his companions to the enchanting Kingdom of Flowers.

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