The Sims 4 finally has fairies, thanks to new wand-erful mod
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New Mod Introduces Fairies to The Sims 4, Making It Wand-erfully Magical

The Sims 4 Introduces Fairy-Themed Expansion with Animated Wings Mod

The Sims 4 Introduces Fairy-Themed Expansion with Animated Wings Mod

The Sims 4 is undoubtedly one of the greatest simulation games of all time. From its silly yet realistic Sims to its dollhouse-like qualities, EA’s latest entry in the iconic Sims series stays winning. If you’re just as obsessed with The Sims 4 as much as I am, then you probably know that many of us have awaited news of a fairy-themed expansion. Now that we have horses, how am I meant to live out my fairy pony princess dreams without fairies? Thanks to one very creative and talented modder, this isn’t a problem anymore.

Fairies Take Flight in The Sims 4

You read that right, fairies have arrived in The Sims 4. I’m not talking about stationary wings as custom content, either. Modder Trey, better known by his online handle ‘SpinningPlumbobs,’ answered my inner Barbie girl prayers with his ‘Animated Wings’ mod. From butterfly-themed wings to glittery pink ones, we’re now able to make any sort of fairy we can mentally conjure up in-game. It doesn’t just stop at customization, though.

Enhanced Gameplay with Fairies vs. Witches Mod

You can use Animated Wings with Trey’s other mod, titled ‘Fairies vs. Witches.’ Make your Sims fly around or have them teach their children the ins and outs of spreading their wings. Flying comes as a whole new skill, which also means some failing here and there. When you combine both of Trey’s mods, you basically get an entire fairy-themed expansion pack. They work with the recent Horse Ranch expansion, too. Saddle up those unicorns, y’all.

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Customizable Wings and Familiar Styles

Each set of wings is completely customizable, from its color to its design. Trey writes that the mod comes with “hundreds of different wing styles and variations,” including some familiar sets from iconic films like Barbie Mariposa. I’m not screaming, you’re screaming. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some sparkly virtual dolls to go play with.

Support Trey and Get the Mods

You can support Trey and download the Animated Wings mod via his Patreon. You’ll also find his Fairies vs. Witches mod there, which is completely free. If you can’t afford to back the creator just yet for the wings, don’t fret. He releases all of his mods for free after a two-week period, meaning that the Animated Wings mod publicly releases on Thursday, September 21.

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