It Looks Like Hideo Kojima Is Spending His Spare Time On Starfield
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Hideo Kojima Appears to Be Devoting His Free Time to Starfield

Exploring the Wilderness in the Newly Released Game: [Original Title]

@Sakai I have spent too many hours exploring planners trying to get all the data. I kinda get what some people complained about this game not encouraging exploration the same way previous Creation engine games do, but the game still encourages exploration on its own way. Yea, I’m not likely to bump into a full city or camp full of quests just by exploring the wilderness, but the pokemon-like “got to explore them all” feel is a strong driver for me.

I’m still too early in the game for to this exploration, so maybe there will be some more content rewards hidden behind exploration, but if not, maybe we do get them via DLC or mods.

Oh I did bump into a voice acted quest from a guy that needed saving. Sounded like a simple enough quest, hurt, not able to fend for himself, all friends died and needed help to his ship. On the way there I got on a fight and died. Never got to see if there was a twist or if it was a boring escort quest. When I reloaded and got back to the guy, he was not there. It was randomly added there. I was impressed at voice acting actually being involved on random quests like that.


The newly released game [Original Title] has sparked conversations among players regarding its approach to exploration. While some have criticized the game for not incentivizing exploration in the same way as previous Creation engine games, others argue that the game still encourages and rewards exploration in its own unique way.

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@Sakai, a dedicated player, shares their thoughts on the game and highlights the “got to explore them all” feel that acts as a strong driving force for their exploration.

Rewards and Content Hidden in Exploration

Although @Sakai is still early in their exploration journey, they speculate about the potential for hidden rewards and additional content accessible through exploration. While it remains to be seen if the game offers such rewards, @Sakai suggests that they could be introduced through DLC (downloadable content) or mods, providing an additional layer of excitement for avid explorers.

An Unexpected Voice-Acted Quest

@Sakai recounts their encounter with a voice-acted quest during their exploration. They stumbled upon a character in need of rescue—a seemingly straightforward quest with an injured character who couldn’t defend themselves and had lost all their friends. However, an unfortunate fight resulting in @Sakai’s character’s demise prevented them from uncovering any potential plot twists or determining if it would simply be an escort quest. Upon reloading the game and returning to the quest location, the character had mysteriously vanished. This encounter left @Sakai impressed by the inclusion of voice acting in random quests, adding depth to the overall exploration experience.


[Original Title] provides a unique exploration experience that may differ from previous games in the Creation engine series. While some players have raised concerns about the game’s approach to incentivizing exploration, @Sakai’s perspective highlights the allure of discovering new locations and the potential for hidden rewards and additional content. The inclusion of voice-acted quests adds an unexpected layer of immersion to the exploration process. As players continue to delve into the game, the true extent of its exploration possibilities and rewards will become clearer.

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