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: Discover the Exciting Elements of Dynamic Textures, Atmospheric Lighting, and an Expanded Sandbox

Paper Beast Enhanced Edition: A Visual and Gameplay Evolution

By Eric Chahi, Creative Director at Pixel Reef

As the creative director at Pixel Reef, I am excited to share the upcoming release of Paper Beast Enhanced Edition on PS5 and PS VR2. This new edition of the game brings numerous improvements and enhancements compared to the original version released on PS4 in 2020. Let’s dive into the evolution of Paper Beast and what players can expect from this enhanced experience.

Unforgettable Bonds and Surreal Environments

Paper Beast is a unique game that has left an indelible mark on players’ memories. One of the reasons for its impact is the bonds and connections players form with the in-game creatures. Cooperation is key to navigating the harsh and often surreal environments, while terraforming and manipulating the surroundings play a significant role. This raw and mysterious wilderness is devoid of UI and dialogue, heightening the intrigue and sense of mystique.

With the release of the PS VR2 and the powerful capabilities of the PS5, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring Paper Beast to a whole new level. This Enhanced Edition not only takes advantage of the cutting-edge features of the PS VR2 but can also be played without VR, expanding the accessibility of the game to a wider audience.

Visual Improvements in Stunning Detail

The Enhanced Edition of Paper Beast introduces impressive visual enhancements that elevate the game to new heights. Let’s explore the improvements players can expect:

Dynamic Textures for Water and Sand

The game now supports 4K resolution, offering unparalleled sharpness and clarity. The resolution of textures and shadows has been increased, allowing players to see all the shimmering details on paper and the animals’ carapace. The most noteworthy improvement lies in the sand grain. Players can now witness the precise flow and animation of the sand at a grain level, creating a breathtakingly beautiful experience in VR. The water has also received attention, with realistic currents that add to the overall immersion.

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Atmospheric Lighting for Immersive Ambiance

The Enhanced Edition introduces atmospheric lighting that adds a new layer of immersion to the game. François Sahy, the rendering programmer, worked tirelessly to integrate this feature, utilizing the power of the PS5. Bright lights now illuminate the game’s atmosphere, creating a tangible sense of volume in VR. The image has also been adjusted for the PS VR2’s HDR capabilities, resulting in more vibrant and softer colors. We have optimized each level directly with the PS VR2, ensuring a visually stunning experience for players.

Gameplay Enhancements for a Deeper Connection

The Enhanced Edition not only amplifies the visual experience but also enhances the gameplay mechanics, strengthening the emotional connection players establish with the game’s creatures. Let’s take a look at the gameplay improvements:

Continuous Locomotion for Enhanced Immersion

One of the most significant improvements in the Enhanced Edition is the addition of continuous locomotion. In addition to teleportation, players can now move smoothly and continuously, enhancing the immersion. This allows for more precise interactions with the game’s living beings and facilitates a stronger emotional bond with the animals. The ability to approach the creatures with precision is essential to the adventure and allows for more precise manipulation of entities.

An Expanded Sandbox for Limitless Exploration

The sandbox in Paper Beast has also grown in size and complexity. The terrain is larger, and the total number of entities has significantly increased. Players will encounter a greater variety of entities that impact the environment, providing endless possibilities for experimentation. One notable addition is the evolving vegetation specific to each ecosystem. When predators reproduce around a tree, the vegetation will take on their visual signature, creating a more immersive and realistic world.

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Whether playing with or without VR, we hope players will be eager to embark on their journey through the mysterious universe of Paper Beast. The Enhanced Edition on PS5 and PS VR2 promises to deliver an unforgettable adventure filled with stunning visuals and captivating gameplay.

Watch the Paper Beast Enhanced Edition trailer:

Paper Beast Enhanced Edition: dynamic textures, atmospheric lighting, expanded sandbox detailed

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