Avatar Color Customization & 'Horizon Feed' UI
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Customize Avatar Colors and Enhance UI with ‘Horizon Feed’

Title: Meta Quest v57 Update: Enhanced Avatar Customization, Rebranded UI Panel, and More

The highly anticipated Meta Quest v57 update is making waves in the virtual reality (VR) community. While the previous version, v56, came with a plethora of new features, v57 takes a more understated approach. Meta, the company behind the Quest headset, has announced that the new features will be gradually rolled out, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. In this article, we will explore some of the key updates in the Meta Quest v57 update, including expanded avatar customization, a rebranded user interface panel, and the disabling of the Guardian boundary in certain mixed reality apps.

Expanded Avatar Customization:
One of the standout features of the v57 update is the enhanced Meta Avatar editor. Users now have more control over personalizing their avatars with detailed color customization options. The Meta Avatar editor allows users to fine-tune features such as hair and eyebrow color, skin tone adjustment, and the addition of makeup and face paint. This update aims to make VR avatars more reflective of users’ real-life appearance, enabling a more personalized and immersive VR experience.

Accompanying the enhanced avatar customization is the addition of legs to Meta Avatars. The Public Test Channel (PTC) build of v57 includes this highly requested feature, further enhancing the realism and embodiment of VR avatars.

Rebranded User Interface Panel – Horizon Feed:
In the previous version, the default user interface tab in the Quest headset was called “Explore.” It provided users with suggestions for apps, videos, in-app destinations, and displayed online followers. The v57 update introduces a rebranding of this tab as “Horizon Feed.” While it still retains its core functionality, the Horizon Feed has a renewed focus on promoting Horizon Worlds, such as the recently released Super Rumble FPS game. This rebranding aims to provide a more engaging and immersive experience for Quest users, with increased emphasis on community-driven content and experiences.

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Additionally, Meta teases a new feature in the v57 update: the Contact list. It is unclear whether this Contact list will appear alongside the Horizon Feed or replace it completely. Further details regarding this feature are yet to be revealed.

No Boundary in Some Mixed Reality Apps:
The Guardian boundary is a crucial safety feature in VR that prevents users from leaving their play area or colliding with furniture and walls. However, in v57, Meta has made the decision to disable the Guardian boundary in certain mixed reality (MR) apps. As MR experiences blend seamlessly between VR and the real world, the boundary becomes redundant since users can already see their environment.

Meta has not specified which MR apps will have the boundary disabled, leaving some room for speculation among the VR community. This change aligns with Meta’s vision for the future, as they prepare for the imminent release of Quest 3. The new headset is rumored to render the existing Guardian boundary obsolete, potentially replacing it with a “Smart Guardian” system utilizing 3D environment mesh generated by depth sensors.

The Meta Quest v57 update brings a host of exciting new features to the Quest VR headset. From expanded avatar customization to the rebranded Horizon Feed and the disabling of the Guardian boundary in select mixed reality apps, Meta continues to refine and enhance the VR experience for its users. As we await the gradual rollout of these features, it’s clear that Meta is committed to staying at the forefront of virtual reality technology, offering users unparalleled immersive experiences.

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