Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Officially Announced for October on PS5, PC
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Official Announcement: Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Confirmed for October on PS5 and PC

Sony Officially Confirms Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition for PS5 and PC

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition

Update: October 6 Release Date Revealed

Sony has finally confirmed the release date for Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition. The highly anticipated game, which bundles together the main sequel and its popular DLC Burning Shores, is set to launch on October 6 for PS5 and PC. The announcement trailer, released by Sony, showcases the thrilling gameplay and stunning visuals that players can expect.

Priced at $59.99 USD / €59.99 (and £54.99 in the UK), the Complete Edition includes not only the full Horizon Forbidden West game but also a range of additional content:

  • Horizon Forbidden West for PS5
  • Burning Shores DLC for PS5
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Digital art book
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Vol. 1: The Sunhawk digital comic book*
  • In-game items, including extras in Photo Mode (special pose and face paint)
  • In-game items unlocked via story progression:
    • Carja Behemoth Elite outfit and Carja Behemoth Short Bow
    • Nora Thunder Elite outfit and Nora Thunder Sling
    • Apex Clawstrider Machine Strike piece
    • Resources pack

This comprehensive package offers fans of the Horizon series an immersive and value-packed experience. With upgraded graphics and improved gameplay mechanics, Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition is sure to deliver an unforgettable adventure.

Original Story: Leak Uncovers Release Date

A recent leak from a Japanese retail site has revealed the possible release date of Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition. According to the listing on Neowing, the game is set to launch on October 6, much to the excitement of fans around the world.

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Although the listing has since been removed, industry insiders such as Gematsu have reported additional details about the Complete Edition. Alongside the base game and the Burning Shores DLC, the bundle is said to include a digital art book, a digital comic book, and a digital soundtrack.

While Sony has yet to make an official announcement, the leaked release date seems highly plausible. With just a week until the alleged launch, anticipation is mounting, and fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation from Sony.

What to Expect

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition promises to be an epic gaming experience. Building on the critical and commercial success of its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn, this installment takes players on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world filled with awe-inspiring landscapes, unique creatures, and a rich narrative.

With the inclusion of the Burning Shores DLC, players will have even more content to explore, offering new challenges and adventures within the Horizon universe.

The digital art book and comic book provide a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s development and offer fans a deeper understanding of the lore and world of Horizon Forbidden West. Additionally, the digital soundtrack adds another layer of immersion, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

As the release of Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition draws near, fans can expect more announcements from Sony regarding the game. With its October 6 release date on the horizon, Sony will likely reveal additional information, including special editions, pre-order bonuses, and gameplay showcases.

Make sure to stay tuned to our website for the latest updates on Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition, and let us know in the comments below if you’re excited to embark on this new adventure in the Horizon universe.

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