RIP FIFA EA is removing all FIFA games from all stores - Behind EA's Decision

RIP FIFA: EA is removing all FIFA games from all stores – Behind EA’s Decision

FIFA’s Digital Farewell: Why EA Pulled the Plug on a Gaming Legacy

In the dynamic world of online gaming, change is the only constant. And in this ever-evolving landscape, EA has made a move that has left many fans in a state of surprise.

Goodbye FIFA, Hello EA Sports FC

For years, the name “FIFA” has been synonymous with football gaming. However, this year marks a significant shift in EA’s strategy. The renowned football series will no longer bear the FIFA name. Instead, fans will now get to experience the thrill of football under a new banner: EA Sports FC. While the gameplay remains as captivating as ever, the rebranding has led to an unexpected turn of events.

A Sudden Disappearance from Online Stores

In a move that caught many off guard, EA has decided to remove all previous FIFA titles from online stores. This means that titles from FIFA 14 to FIFA 23 have vanished from the digital shelves of PlayStation, Microsoft, Nintendo, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. Although the game listings are still visible, the option to purchase has been disabled.

What Does This Mean for Existing FIFA Players?

For those who have already purchased any of the FIFA titles, there’s no cause for alarm. Players can still download and enjoy their games on their consoles or computers. However, for those looking to buy a digital copy of any of the older FIFA titles, the options are now limited to physical releases.

For fans of FIFA 22 and FIFA 23, there’s a silver lining. These titles are still accessible via an EA Play subscription. At a cost of 3.99 Euros per month or 24.99 Euros annually, players can continue to enjoy these games. However, how long they’ll remain in the EA Play library remains uncertain.

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Behind EA’s Decision

The decision to remove the FIFA titles from online stores isn’t entirely out of the blue. After a 20-year partnership, EA’s license for the naming rights of the global football association has come to an end. Rumors have been circulating that the FIFA organization was demanding a staggering 4 billion dollars for the continued use of the name. Such a hefty price tag might shed some light on why EA seemed to be pushing microtransactions (MTX) so aggressively in recent times. While this development was anticipated, the abrupt removal of the games without prior notice has left some fans feeling a tad disconcerted.

Looking Ahead: The Launch of EA Sports FC 24

For those eagerly awaiting the next installment in EA’s football series, the wait is almost over. EA Sports FC 24 is set to launch on September 29th. And for those who’ve pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition or have an EA Play subscription, the game has been available for play for a few days already.

A Reflection on Digital Availability

The removal of the FIFA titles from digital stores raises an intriguing question: How do you feel about the digital unavailability of classic games? Is it a concern, or do you already own the titles you love?


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