Payday 3 dev says “upgrades” coming to improve matchmaking stability
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Payday 3 Developer Promises “Upgrades” to Enhance Matchmaking Stability

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Payday 3 has only just launched, but it’s already struggling with broken matchmaking and a flood of negative Steam reviews. While the online functionality and server status go up and down, players are looking toward Starbreeze for any word on the matter. The developer made a post sharing its plans for updates addressing the matchmaking issues, and it looks like we’ll see fixes for the server problems drop very soon.

Payday 3’s Matchmaking Woes

Payday 3, the highly anticipated first-person shooter game, is facing significant challenges just days after its launch. The game’s matchmaking system is plagued with issues, leading to frustrated players and a barrage of negative reviews on Steam. The community is eagerly waiting for Starbreeze, the developer of Payday 3, to address these problems and provide solutions.

Server Problems and Player Concerns

Despite being one of the top-selling FPS games on Steam, Payday 3 has slipped from its position at the top of the platform’s global list of sellers. It now sits at the 16th spot, trailing behind recent releases like Lies of P and Starfield. The fluctuating server status has left long-time fans of the iconic Payday series uncertain about their ability to access matchmaking. In response to the mounting concerns, Starbreeze has announced plans for server upgrades.

Upgrades and Offline Period

Starbreeze has assured players that improvements to server and matchmaking stability are on the way. The developer will be deploying upgrades to the game’s environment ahead of the upcoming weekend. As a result, Payday 3 will be temporarily offline on Tuesday, September 26, and Friday, September 29, between the hours of 2pm CST / 11pm PDT / 2am EDT / 7am BST / 8am CEST and 5 pm CST / 2am PDT / 5am EDT / 10am BST / 11am CEST.

Payday 3 matchmaking upgrades tweet from Starbreeze

Developer’s Commitment and Community Response

Starbreeze, in a recent post, expressed gratitude for players’ patience and acknowledged the matchmaking issues. The upcoming upgrades are expected to be Payday 3’s first major patches and updates, primarily focusing on addressing the matchmaking problems. Given the deployment timeline, it is possible that additional bug fixes and new features may be included. Starbreeze previously attributed server downtime to a third-party partner.

Community Feedback and Hopes for Improvement

The matchmaking issues in Payday 3 have become widely known within the gaming community. Initial reviews from fans were mixed, with some able to access online play while others struggled to do so. However, the current Steam reviews for Payday 3 have taken a significant hit, resulting in an overall ‘mostly negative’ rating. Fans are eagerly awaiting the fixes and updates from Starbreeze, hoping to experience the intended matchmaking functionality.

Make the Most of Your Payday 3 Experience

While waiting for Starbreeze’s updates, players can optimize their Payday 3 gameplay. Here are a couple of resources to enhance your heisting adventures:

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  • Payday 3 Weapons Roundup: Explore the best weapons in Payday 3 to arm yourself effectively.

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