Ubisoft's XDefiant Fails PlayStation, Xbox Certification
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Ubisoft’s XDefiant Doesn’t Pass Certification for PlayStation and Xbox

XDefiant Launch Delayed Due to Certification Failure on PlayStation and Xbox

The highly anticipated free-to-play shooter XDefiant, developed by Ubisoft, has faced a setback as it failed to pass certification on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms. As a result, the game’s launch, which was originally scheduled for the end of last month, has been delayed.

Platform Holder Approval

In a recent blog post, executive producer Mark Rubin acknowledged the delay and shed light on the pre-release submission process. Certification by platform holders is not solely based on the game’s quality, but primarily focuses on identifying “compliance bugs.” These bugs are issues that affect the game’s interaction with each console, such as Trophies tracking correctly and friend lists updating with accurate information.

Rubin emphasizes that these compliance bugs are separate from the technical problems that players might encounter at release, such as glitches or a poor frame rate. The certification failure does not reflect the overall quality of XDefiant as a gaming experience.

Common Certification Challenges

While developers cannot disclose specific details due to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), some industry insiders have shared their experiences on online forums. They reveal that it is common for most games to fail their initial certification submission. The certification requirements can be extremely specific, ranging from the precise shape and color of controller button symbols to the inclusion of warning screens or save alerts.

Ubisoft’s decision to be transparent about the certification failure distinguishes XDefiant from other games. Many developers choose not to disclose such setbacks to the public. However, the XDefiant team’s openness demonstrates their commitment to providing updates and involving the community in the development process.

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Next Steps and Release Plans

As Ubisoft prepares for another certification submission, the company aims to release XDefiant as soon as possible. If it successfully passes certification within the next two weeks, the game could launch by the end of September. However, if a day one update is required to address any lingering issues, the release date may be pushed to early October.

Mark Rubin expressed his gratitude toward everyone who supported the XDefiant team throughout the game’s development. He eagerly awaits the moment when the game can go live, allowing players to experience and enjoy the passion and love that has been poured into XDefiant.

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