Starfield proves that side quests reign supreme in Bethesda games
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Side quests reign supreme in Bethesda games, as proven by Starfield

Starfield: A Galactic Adventure for Skyrim Fans

Starfield: A Galactic Adventure for Skyrim Fans

Starfield is undoubtedly Bethesda’s biggest RPG game release to date. From its expansive interstellar setting to its cast of unique characters, there is plenty of immersive gameplay to go around. As further detailed in our Starfield review, the main story is not the only questline you can follow. Every Bethesda game is known for its great side quests, with entries like Skyrim coming into mind first. You can lose hundreds of hours to its various missions. Starfield is no exception it seems, as player statistics prove that old questing habits die hard.

Skyrim Fans Embrace Starfield’s Side Quests

The Starfield launch has proven incredibly successful, even more so than Bethesda’s former behemoth RPGs like Skyrim. With millions of players invested in the brand-new galactic journey, it comes as no surprise that many of them are old Skyrim fans. What is more surprising, however, is the fact that many players who never fully completed The Elder Scrolls game’s main story are continuing down a similar road now in Starfield.

PlayTracker Reveals Interesting Statistics

PlayTracker, a service dedicated to showcasing game statistics, posted about its findings, saying that “Skyrim players who never finished the main quest have played Starfield for 14% more time yet earned 4% fewer achievements than the average Starfield player.” Considering just how many of the obtainable achievements are tied to Starfield missions from the game’s main questline, it’s safe to say that a good few Bethesda fans are enjoying the Starfield side quests just as they did in Skyrim.

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PlayTracker post on Twitter describing how former Skyrim players are getting fewer achievements in Starfield, too

“Keep procrastinating, folks,” the post goes on in response to its findings. After all, the galaxy “ain’t going anywhere.” You can check out the full in-depth stats on PlayTracker yourself if you want to know more about how Starfield compares to past Bethesda games. Personally, I’m likely contributing to such stats as I’ve spent all of my hours thus far doing everything but the main quests. It’s all about those NPC adventures, baby.

Further Enhancing Your Starfield Experience

If you’re enjoying the game yourself, then you should check out our roundup of all the Starfield companions. From Andreja to Sam Coe, you’ll learn more about each of your potential crew members. Alternatively, you can browse through our informative guide on the various Starfield traits to best optimize your character build. After all, space can be a dangerous place.

Explore the Starfield Database

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.

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