Bigscreen Beyond Early US Preorders Delayed Into Q4
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Q4 Delays Push Back Early US Preorders for Bigscreen

The Bigscreen Beyond VR Headset Faces Delays in Shipping

Bigscreen, the company behind the ultra-compact and ultra-light SteamVR headset, Beyond, has announced that most of the preorders originally scheduled to ship in Q3 will now be delayed and shipped in Q4. The Beyond headset is designed to provide truly comfortable long duration PC-based VR sessions by incorporating OLED microdisplays and customizing each unit for the buyer’s face and eyes.

The delay in shipping is due to a series of manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain delays, which caused production to start later than expected. Currently, the production rate is only at 25% of the target rate. As a result, 80% of US preorders that were supposed to ship in Q3 will now be shipped within the next six weeks. However, preorders set for Q4, including international orders, will not be affected by these delays and are still on track.

Source: UploadVR

Bigscreen aims to improve its shipping times in the future. By early next year, the company expects new orders to ship within “a couple of weeks” of providing the buyer’s face scan. This customization feature sets Beyond apart from other headsets that are adjustable and not tailored to each user’s face and eyes.

The Beyond headset is priced at $1000 or can be financed for $32 per month. However, it does not come with positional tracking or controllers out of the box. Users will need at least one base station, preferably two, and their own input devices such as Valve Index controllers, as Beyond utilizes the SteamVR tracking system.

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Review Highlights and Criticisms

In a review of the Beyond headset, its compact size and exceptional physical comfort were praised. The headset allows for multi-hour VR sessions without causing discomfort on the face. However, the review also pointed out flaws with the lenses, including distracting reflections and blur, as an attempt to keep the headset as compact as possible.

Source: UploadVR

The Beyond headset is considered a pioneer in a new era of headsets that prioritize comfort. Other companies are looking to follow suit and optimize their headsets for extended use without sacrificing physical comfort.


While the delay in shipping might be disappointing for some Bigscreen Beyond preorders, the company is actively working to improve its production rate and minimize future delays. The Beyond headset’s customizability and comfort set it apart from other headsets on the market, making it an attractive option for users looking for long-duration VR experiences.

As the VR industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how other companies adapt and optimize their headsets for maximum comfort without compromising on performance and visual quality.

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